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He was wearing a jean shirt and brown desert pants. Somehow he settles into the chair, where he seems to be sitting as comfortably as possible. He is 74 years old but looks like he is at least 10 years younger than him. Cormac McCarthy He was interviewed on TV – barely a few minutes allowing us to catch a glimpse of the vast universe he carries with him everywhere – for the first time in 2007.

The interviewer was particularly modest, almost shy, Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey seems to realize that she is facing some kind of miracle. The first thing he asks is why this is his first time. Is the writer allergic to the media? McCarthy replied, “No,” and laughs. “I guess it’s not good for your head,” he says.

“You spend a lot of time thinking when you’re writing a book. And I think it’s not a good idea to get out there talking about how you did it. Instead, you should keep writing.” At the time, McCarthy had just won a Pulitzer Prize for ‘road’. He tells Oprah that “The Highway” isn’t really much The story of the end of the world How A father and son story. She was in El Paso, Texas, with her four-year-old son when it happened to her. They were staying in a hotel. It was early morning. The boy was asleep, he was looking out the window and everything was still outside. The train can be heard. “I imagined a fire burning on the hill,” he says, “what would have happened to that child?” He was 70 years old. She realized that she was leaving her son a world he would never see.

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McCarthy may not have given the interviews, but he never hid as he did from the start. Thomas Pynchon. Everything is known about him.

He grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, where his latest double novel, “El pasajero/Stella Maris” (Random House/Edicions 62), is set, a portal to another world in which his hypnotic voice builds, once again, a journey. In fact, almost all of McCarthy’s writing is travel. His own concept of writing is this: He doesn’t know where to go, everything grows as it goes, the story finds itself, so much so that the writer does it over and over again, as each novel seems to contain a dormant version of itself. “I prefer the company of scholars to writers,” he told Oprah, and seemed to be talking about the West.

Dusty gambling dens

Western is the protagonist of “The Passenger”. His father worked with Albert Einstein. There are clever conversations about string theory in gambling dens of all kinds. There’s also an underwater plane, a missing, possibly dead passenger, and a schizophrenic girl who will never be alone because she’s always surrounded by a group of strangers she knows best and best. “You don’t know where the book comes from. It just exists. It shows up. And you go to it, and you look for the perfection that you know you’re not going to achieve, and it’s okay that you don’t,” McCarthy tells Oprah, in the conversation that took place in a bookstore. That’s from the Santa Fe Institute.

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She also told him that she had a hard time trying to do nothing but write. which was very poor. He was tying one scholarship after another as he got them. He published his first novel, The Orchard Keeper, in 1965. He was 32, living in Chicago, already separated from his first wife, and met his second novel on a boat trip to Ireland. He was the ship’s singer. It was with her like Aldous Huxley At that time, he toured half of Europe. They spent time in Ibiza, where he curiously finished his second novel, La Escoridad Abroad. Then they moved back to Texas, settled in Louisville, and everything else happened, including the birth of their son, John Francis, in 1999. “Without him there would be no Highway,” he confessed to Oprah.

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Today McCarthy is 89 years old. John Francis, 23 years old. They both exist in some way within “The Passenger/Stella Maris”. McCarthy’s novel is a hurricane that has everything experienced and felt, the way it simply appears, she tells Oprah. Since that day in the Santa Fe Institute library, McCarthy has occasionally given interviews. But this first person, it will be said, sums up the keys to his infinite universe and survival’s relationship almost with literature. Oprah wants to know at some point how you finally feel Millions of readers. And he says exactly the same thing when he didn’t have it. He told her, “What it’s about is sitting down every day to write the best thing you’ve ever written.” Is that how it works.

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