Alfred Garcia, Agoni and Cederland will compete in Benidorm: the 18 names who would like to go to Eurovision

Chanel was a winning bet. his victory in Benidorm Festival I reconciled (after some other drama) with Spain Eurovision. Since then, many names have applied to collect their diploma, but only 16 of them have made it to the national pre-selection: tormentAnd the E’FemmeAnd the Fossa NoctaAnd the white pigeonAnd the Eretz ArenAnd the rakkyAnd the Alfred GarciaAnd the Sophia MartinAnd the Alice wonderAnd the FamousAnd the MegaraAnd the VicoAnd the Twin musical compositionAnd the Joseph plateauAnd the CarmentAnd the SharonAnd the Miller s sideland You will compete for the bronze microphone. This will open the doors of Liverpool, the city where the LXVII edition of the Song Festival will take place.

This Tuesday was discovered by RTVE, which initially planned to announce next Saturday. In order to avoid leaks and maintain exclusivity, the public entity has chosen to present the calendar and organize a party on the brink of death Presented by Inés Hernand. In total, 10 minutes was enough for influential To reveal to the participants that on October 29, they will be officially introduced at Peak time.

The chain closed the selection process for Benidorm Fest 2023 on October 10. In total, 876 songs were received from all styles and artists for the 40 days that the process lasted. Similar data to that of the first version but with a difference: there was a more active participation of record companies and the professionalization of the proposals received.

Round application

The aim of this new batch will be to continue to The path opened by Chanel last February. Slovakia Mo He had everything to pull it off: a heart-stopping set design, current tune, amazing dance team, unique charisma and mldr; And in particular, a singer who is able to do all this flawlessly. Perhaps, almost without realizing it, we were having a A Spanish nomination round for our pass through Eurovision. His bronze medal tasted like gold, because the impetus and freedom with which he worked were unknown to Spain.

The change RTVE introduced with Benidorm Fest took effect: Rigoberta BandiniAnd the TankxoguerasAnd the Brown sugar s Raiden It revolutionized a country that was often disillusioned with the famous competition. The victory was not only for Chanel, the rest of the contestants saw how their careers were marked in the coming months: concerts, festivals, interviews, transcripts and mldr; Hence, after the success achieved, many applied for the second edition. Prestige (and exposure of course) is one of the main attractions, which would give the event its very own entity.

As in the first version, BeniFest will have three deckingTwo semi-finals (31 January and 2 February) and one final (4 February). On this occasion, the presenter of the program will be Mónica Naranjo, the jury will be chaired by Nacho Cano, tickets will be sold from 20 euros, autotune & mldr will be rejected; Regarding the voting system, it will remain the same: 50% of the result will be based on the voting of the jury and the other 50% of the audience (25% of the television plus 25% of the demographic sample). In the event of a tie, the artist with the best score from the Professional Committee wins.

Alfred Garcia


Alice Wonder

Fossa Nocta




White Pigeon


Sophia Martin

twin melody



Jose Otero




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