Alfonso Lanza, Primavera Sound Director São Paulo: “We like to take the ‘created in Barcelona’ logo around the world”

With an atmosphere somewhat scarce due to election hangovers and a cold spell that has revived the normally warm Brazilian spring, São Paulo is preparing for the Friday night premiere of its first release of Primavera Sound. The Barcelona festival, which has already arrived in Los Angeles in September, is now beginning to conquer Latin America and in the next fifteen days it is not celebrating three consecutive editions: one in São Paulo and two more in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires next week, with a list of world stars from The likes of Bjork, Travis Scott, Arctic Monkees and Lord. Its director, Alfonso Lanza, explains the keys to this ambitious international leap.

Q: What must a city host to release Primavera Sound?

R was found. Any city with a sufficient base of music lovers can have Primavera sound. We, it is our identity and our daily driving force. And we know that we are not alone in this world, and nothing else will be lost. So that city or country must have an international projection, a connected airport, it must be able to meet the logistical challenge, it must have the complicity of local authorities and it must have a rich cultural scene. Obviously, São Paulo has all of these requirements.

Q: What does this expansion mean for the Barcelona brand?

R was found. Many. We like to proudly carry the slogan “Created in Barcelona” all over the world; It is one of our distinguishing features. Also the guarantee stamp “coses ben fetes”. And if you think about Primavera’s values ​​(careful supervision of music, gender parity, commitment to sustainability, integration and revitalization of the city’s cultural life), Barcelona is also one of them. He knows us.

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P. During the pandemic, the festival did not take place for two years and the live music business was one of the companies that suffered the most. However, it’s the festival’s biggest expansion moment, where does the money come from?

R was found. At Primavera Sound, we believe that festivals should be self-sufficient, i.e. financed through ticket sales, consumption and partners bet on us. We are confident that all Primavera voices in the world will be able to generate the necessary volume of self-financing. We want to strengthen our independence from large groups: if we have more festivals, we collect more contractual capacity, which in the end is the basis of this business and what allows us to program freely.

s. 65% of participants in the Barcelona Spring are foreigners, what percentage of Latin Americans?

R was found. The Barcelona version drew international audiences from over 150 countries, with a particular focus on the UK and the US, hence the Los Angeles version. But the Latin American audience has grown a lot in recent years. In the last edition we had more than 10,000 participants: 3,000 from Brazil, about 1,500 from Chile and about a thousand Argentines. The potential of these countries, if we can convey the spirit and standards of quality in Barcelona, ​​is enormous and this is proven by the level of ticket sales. It will be releases that start with very large audiences. The youth audience base in Brazil is wider than in Europe.

Q: How was the poster designed?

R was found. We don’t want to be like a multinational franchise that arrives without taking into account local characteristics and the effect is lost in translation. The local scene must be represented. The collection has been designed to include artists that we know the audience has been waiting for a long time to see, and this is a discovery, challenging the audience and others just to enjoy. With these four categories covered every day, you get the perfect day of celebration. What amazes us in Brazil is the passion with which the audience experiences music, and it is already noticeable on the networks. They deliver from the first minute. Lots of passion and a little sarcasm.

P. There are also Spanish artists like Bad Gial, Amaya or Carolina Durant, so does the festival aspire to serve as an ambassador for the music made here?

R was found. The idea in all Latin American festivals is to create a corridor so that the artists end up from there and come here and there. We have brought in artists from Argentina, Chile or Brazil for a long time. So it’s time to get the artists out of here. Much more is known about our music than many might think.

“The Pop Music Audience Has Become Globalized Since Elvis”

s. Björk and the Arctic Monkeys feature in the bill, how much has pop been globalized?

R was found. The pop audience has been globalized for many years, it’s not a new phenomenon. Since Elvis? Since the Beatles? grown ups headlines be headlines Precisely for this reason: because they are superstars in whatever country they play in.

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P. This first edition follows those in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, which will take place from 7 to 13 November, so why is it simultaneous?

R was found. It was a matter of chance. If they go too much, a file will be created main center Contracting that facilitates Reservation Of artists, the three versions feed off of each other: Few artists are worth going on a tour of a country, let alone a continent, on a single date. You must create a file routing It makes sense for them to go.

P. Barcelona’s last edition was preceded by some tension, with the festival director even saying that Barcelona “doesn’t want” to Primavera Sound. Will they say the same again?

R was found. We are excited to have the festival in Barcelona. It is part of our identity. For months everything was fluid between the city and the festival.

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