Alex Laura’s Unicorns portrays millennials without complacency

For those who are ignorant of the terminology and guarantees of the current geometries of love, the unicorn is not a rare and mythical being, but rather a person called upon by a stable couple to complete a sex trio, a person outside the original equation who temporarily participates in games, a transient being. Besides the love practices you engage in, this is what Issei, the protagonist, feels unicornsCatalan film With the short film director and documentary director from Barcelona Alex Laura Jump into fantasy with the help of Pilar Palomero, Director girls.

Isa is Greta Fernandez, back from Gaudi’s win and nominated for Goya thief’s daughter, a girl who can be said to have it all: talent, salary, and a great and great desire to promote herself in the ultra-modern advertising agency where she works. The director demonstrates at the Malaga Film Festival where he presented his film, which he also attended Nora Navas, Elena Martin and Pablo Molinero.

This character’s latest obsession that hasn’t quite found his place in the world is to capture the small details and textures he finds his way through macro photography. Issei has a deep desire to do something, but he’s leading her to do something Human work, so insubstantial and empty. The director says not by getting physically close to things, you are an artist.

Laura says of the distance that 43 years have given her I didn’t want to do a generational portrait exactly those of millennials – “That would be pretentious”: “I didn’t want to put a stick on those who come next, but it’s true that they have a different relationship than we do with social media. I feel like I have the same pressures they do, those pressures that It forces you to have a successful social place in the society, but I would say that having a lot of prospects around you has caused the Millennials It took longer to mature& rdquo;.

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female contradictions

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The film is not about making the viewer sympathize with the obsessed protagonist This is something Laura acknowledges. He says he started writing the script before the Norwegian film was released. The worst person in the worldwhich reaffirmed the notion that women in leadership don’t have to be necessarily charming and sympathetic: “One way of escaping this convention for me is to create a character who wouldn’t be particularly interesting and who might also be incomprehensible at times, because she is to herself. If Issa were a man, it would be easier for the viewer to accept her contradictions.”

Coming from the world of advertising, for which she worked for years in the United States, Laura, who returned a few months ago, has two projects in the making: the first, again with Nora Navas, will tell about the case of Teenagers who in 2005 set fire to a homeless woman at an ATM in Barcelona The other, promoted by the script residency at the Acadèmia del Cinema Català, will focus on one of the The boys, supposedly embedded with Ripoll, who ended up perpetrating the attacks in 2017.

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