ALEJANDRO SANZ CONCERT | No Paris without rain, no Madrid without Alejandro Sanz

he have Alejandro Sanz Fireflies from the chest revolution. calculate it It continues its process, with its ups and downs But little by little he is getting better, though he admits that it is difficult because the noise does not allow him to suffer in peace. “But I’ll tell you something so you understand me: do you remember the song for sale? Well, I’m not selling. See you on stage with loaded spirit. You are my ammunition & rdquo;.

He won’t sell, he says, good old Alejandro, but he closed the two dates in Madrid (June 29 and 30) with two separate run out at the WiZink Center. a tour Suns Live 2023 Arrived in the capital after a long list of shows in Latin America and part of Spain, he sold out tickets in almost all forums, with the Mexican and Argentine dates being the most interesting in terms of tickets issued (and the US is still missing).

“Little pond & rdquo; stars

minutes before starting Displays (It was scheduled for 9:30 at night), the track offered a view of a sea of ​​little people fanning themselves as a distraction from the heat. And soon they are changing the way of convenience to mobile phones. Those who have attended such huge concerts will know the effect of observing the flashes of thousands of screens from a vantage point in complete darkness.

Four minutes into their start time, they begin to look at the Mobile phones were held aloft to capture the beginning of the show. On the stage, where the instruments are arranged, the performers take center stage in the spotlight. In the case of Alejandro SanzHis virtue is singing with light, soul and heart (lateClear)starting from Not the same. A safe bet.

The latest news about Alejandro instilled the warmth the Madrid composer desperately needs right now. Remember the fan and flame of summer? Well forget that; The audience was the hearth and Sanz, the one who was and is, the flaming figure. Up Madrid!!encouraged to remove his glasses while extending his arm pointing the microphone towards a more than loyal and dedicated crowd, who chanted his name by getting up (those who took the seats in the stands) to shake their bodies let me kiss you and Chris Hierro Company (Hammond, keyboards, programming and choirs).

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From clapping to cajon, going through guitar all the way to piano. This is how Alejandro Sanz was solving his repertoire with Carlos Martín (percussion, trombone and winds) and the “magician of harmony” Alfonso Pérez (musical direction, piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar and choirs). With offers made (Sanz mentions the other fellows throughout the evening), The soul flew into the air In the capital square, converted to The Alexandrian Temple is not exempt from its karaoke momentLogical on the other hand.


What happens to Alejandro Sanz? during My Mars, once again stripped of his spectacles, looked at the audience with gratitude, but with a spark of sadness and melancholy. Obviously something is happening, it is enough – as already commented – to read the latest news dealing with Mental and emotional exhaustion. But there is nothing he heard a few applauds in unison from backstagewhere Sanz was, who left the stage for the musicians to finish the song. On his return he would address the crowd: “Good evening. How are you Madrid? I have a lot of things for you (and I’m calling you). From you Because it’s respect). Thank you so much for these stickers, for this love, for being here tonight.”

On Thursday, May 29, 2023, Alejandro Sanz was scheduled to take on what was perhaps the most important task he has had in all the years of his career. Today someone celebrates his birthday here, in this room, and His only dream was to come here and make you sing the song for him. happy birthday. Yes, I know this sounds weird, but it’s about My daughter’s soul, congratulations, my life. I love you with all my heart& rdquo;. In fact, Alma was born on July 24, 2014, so she is not yet 9 years old. But look: does this really matter? As long as Alma stays with her father, she deserves a birthday every week. The little girl, overwhelmed by the reception, only dared to say: “Thank you for loving and supporting my father.”. And Alma stayed with her father sitting next to him with a lump in her throat, realizing that the world was a better place with my favorite person. “Everything is okay? & rdquo;. Sanz asked. Well, of course, not everything was so smooth. The vibrant version turned out to be a Blowing on the heart. But this man is able to rise from the ground and lift others.

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Alma was not the only guest. took in I hope that I Nathi Fluffy (In Barcelona it was Manolo Garcia). For the first time, Sanz announced, the Argentine and he were going to perform together for the first time on stage. The concert will bring another surprise in its last stretch. Go on – Alone already – Heart strengthhe He hits Of the 95 published in the album 3 (WEA, 1995). On stage, a glow on the horizon. at this point, Alejandro Sanz’s voice broke.

Funky break before making room When no one sees meAnother classic, this one belongs to Spirit is in the air (WEA, 2000). “Sometimes I lock myself behind open doors/Sometimes I tell you why this silence/Sometimes I’m yours and sometimes I’m the wind… ” Sometimes songs say more than words and When no one sees me It seems to describe the moment experienced by its author, who at the end exclaims, excited: “Pa ‘out the bad! & rdquor;. Release with you Joaquin Sabina would end up collapsing inside. Since it premiered live on March 5, 2020 at the Ruminahue Public Amphitheater in Quito (Ecuador), with you It was a cover for special moments. In fact, he recorded it to pay tribute to Sabina with the title Not too small, not too big (Sony, 2019) with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Something will have water when he blesses it.

Southern Hope

With the greens of paradise and his suit, Alejandro Sanz summoned hope (!Palestinian Authority From the bad!) praise looking for heaven Because “we spend our lives searching for heaven, also one step away from the abyss but always one step away from heaven, that is where we are headed, to that side.” And with Karina Bassian (choir) he dedicated it to “his family.” rdquor; (Audience) This is the most lively passage in the repertory, Camino del Paraiso. Along the way, in my friendAnd It rained on T-shirts, flags, and a stuffed bunny That the man from Madrid placed above one of the two statements that were on stage.

brickThe beach and the noise. Journey south to recover north. The singer-songwriter smiled, danced and earned reverently With a guitar rise. Alejandro Sanz has the son and the salt. “Well, how’s it going? Good? & rdquor ;. To end the ceremony with Broken heart, he wanted to receive dozens of young people from the Alalá Foundation, which was founded in the neighborhoods of Tres Mil Viviendas (Seville) and Estancia Barrera (Jerez de la Frontera). There, more than four hundred children at risk of social exclusion receive lessons in dance, rhythm, guitar, theater, vocals, and visual arts. They were excited to sing with Alejandro Sanz and last night they made their dream come true in Madrid. “In whatever scenario I am in, that would be his place too.”

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Some of these children weren’t even born when it was released. Broken heartone of additional (WEA, 1997). But how many front row young girls from Born in 1997 have sung it? Things of music that don’t understand time. With sincere thanks to his fans, Alejandro Sanz said goodbye for a few minutes from Madrid.

Cal party

Two hours after the party, Danny Martin has joined the lineup tonight with live fast. The presence of the former El Canto del Loco vocalist caused such a roar that the decibels of the screams made his eardrums seriously shake. It will be the final surprise.

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In the next section, Alejandro Sanz was left alone on stage with the only piano ensemble to sing you see that? In tears and her family in whispers. Everyone standing on their feet cheered the artist as he left while tapping their hearts. “Don’t go & rdquo;can be heard.

The whole band reappears, now yeah, for a final waltz at the edge of two and a half hours. Alejandro Sanz, with body and mind (as stated in the lyrics My loneliness and me), happily embracing his musicians who follow him elsewhere diverse composed by And what if it was her? And That last minute. “Live for that last moment, and let others cling.” Fireworks sweets. One boat, two boats…and clapping to the beat. “Long live the music, long live Madrid,” celebrated Alejando Sanz. Flamenco echoed forever leaving the WiZink Center towards the street, where the fan was no longer needed.

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