Alcarràs is not out of the running for the 2023 Academy Awards

dream Hollywood About “caras”. Carla Simon’s film is not among the fifteen films shortlisted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a screening that has been carried out for several years to expand expectations in some categories and, by the way, to estimate more plays. In a few months we will know who the five finalists are in one of the most competitive years in this department due to the quality and recognition that most of these works of different nationalities are a treasure.

Chosen by the Spanish Academy to represent us at the Academy Awards after winning the Golden Bear in Berlin, a milestone for our cinematography, Carla Simon has now collected eleven nominations for the upcoming Goya Awards.

In the United States, “Alcarràs” has not yet been released, it will be shown next January, but it premiered at the prestigious New York Festival, where Albert Serra’s “Pacifiction” was also shown. The streaming platform Mobi, which is also a producer of, say, the indie phenomenon Afterson, will be responsible for distribution there.

It’s a tough year in the Best International Film category, given the exceptional level of films presented by the various academies that have international prestige behind them. Among them we find one of the favourites, “Argentinian 1985”The movie stars Santiago Miter Ricardo Darin Which deals with the trials that took place against the military dictatorship that was overthrown only two years ago. A political incrimination film full of pain and emotion. This year the Spanish language seems more represented than usual, as we also find the Mexican language Bardot, a pseudo-history of some facts.Written by Alejandro González Iñárritu who, despite the bad reviews, was expected to become part of the list due to the recognition his director received from the Hollywood Academy after winning the Academy Award for Best Picture for Birdman.

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From Asia, after the success of parasites And triumph “drive my car” up last year “Decision to Leave” by South Korean Park Chan-wook, a thriller shot with the usual finesse to which the Old Boy auteur is accustomed, which won him the Palme d’Or for Best Director in Cannes. He comes from Cambodia “Back to Seoul” by Davey ChuAbout the Journey to the Origins of a Young Woman and Pakistan, Joy Land by Saim SadiqA Cry for Freedom addresses youth rebellion and gender change in a notably patriarchal milieu.

From Europe, in addition to “Alcarràs”, we find a large number of representatives: France with “Saint Omer”, Alice Diop’s first film (Venice Grand Jury Prize) about the trial of a mother after the death of her daughter; from Belgium, ‘a relative’, by the young Lukas Dhont (Jury Grand Prix in Cannes) in which topics such as buying or childhood homophobia are addressed; from denmark, “The Holy Spider” by Ali Abbasi, another thriller, set this time in Iran (where the director is from) about the true case of a serial killer who murdered prostitutes with the conviction that he was carrying out a religious purification; From Germany comes a new version of No news at the front, an ambitious war production that was nominated for a Golden Globe; from switzerland, Rebellious Empress, by Marie Kreutzer, in which Queen Elisabeth of Austria (Cissy) is given a new, much more punk dimension which has an unforgettable interpretation by Vicki Krebs. Finally, the seasoned director Polish Jerzy Skolimowski It also appears on the shortlist with “EO” (Jury Prize in Cannes), the story of a donkey in Central Europe that seems to have lost its values.

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