“Alcarràs” and “One Year, One Night” win the 2023 Gaudí Awards

The big year for Spanish cinema, this year 2022 full of great titles and innovative looks, is also of course Catalan cinema, and this is confirmed by the sparkling list of nominations from The fifteenth edition of the Gaudí Awards Organized by the Catalan Film Academy. Based on the number of orders, “Alkaras”By Carla Simon W A year, one night‘, by Isaki Lacuesta, refers to the wonderful candidates, of which there are 14 each, followed by the absurdly forgotten one in Goyas, “Pacific”Albert Serra, with 11, “Soro”by Mikel Guria, with 10, and “God’s Twisted Lines”Posted by Auriol Paolo, with the 8. The Gaudi Awards Ceremony will take place on Sunday, January 22, in the Oval Chamber of the MNAC.

At Gaudí, as you know, the most valuable prize is divided into two parts: one for The best film in Catalan and another l Best Film in a Non-Catalan Language. Thus, in the first category, “Alcarràs”, Simon’s sensitive reflection on the vanishing way of life and relationship with the rural world, will compete with “El fred que crema”, by Santi Trollinc, “Nosaltres no matarem amb pistoles”, by Maria Ripoll, “and” Suro” mentioned above. And in the second category, “One Year, One Night,” you will experience the impressive approach to the shock of the attacks on the Bataclan theater in Paris by Isaki LaQuista, “La Momeral,” by Pilar Palomero, “Mantecura,” by Carlos Vermut and “ Pacifiction” also mentioned.

best direction

Among the other major prizes of the night, is an award best directionand also aims very high, as it collects no less than Carla Simone, Pilar Palomero, Isaki LaCosta and Albert Serra. For her part, the ever-motivating award for best new director will have contenders Avelina Prat for “Facil”, Carlota González-Adreu for “La casa entre los cacti”, Laura Sisteró for “Tolyatti adrift” and the aforementioned Mikel Gurrea.

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It is not easy to predict who will take Gaudi home best deals, Well, the list is simply enormous. in female categoryThe nominees are Anna Castillo for Wild Sunflowers, Barbara Linney for God’s Crooked Lines, Noemi Merlant for One Year, One Night, and Vicky Luengo for Suro.

in male category, and the nominees are with Benoît Magimel for “Pacifiction”, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart for “One Year, One Night”, Oriol Pla for “Wild Sunflowers” ​​and Pol López for “Suro”. Based on the New best performancethe only one in which there is no division by gender. The nominees are Albert Bosch and Xenia Rosette for “Alcarràs”, Carla Queliz for “La Mothers” and Zoe Stein for “Mantícora”.

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