Alberto Anaute, The Idea Factory

The curse of the two, the curse of life that recognizes death. And now Alberto Annot has passed awaywho seemed unbreakable, a genius who created an idea factory, La Fábrica, so that culture and books would not fall asleep in Spain.

Generous was the result of his personality and creativity, Among Us created the Eñe Festivaland made this common and whimsical alphabet the center of a personal, and immediately communal, commitment to the improvement of life’s relation to the arts he cultivated, as well as to the noble craft of journalism, where I met him. And we can’t forget that he was the founder Matador, an extraordinary magazine For a Smarter Future, a thoughtful cult, which brought together the most important creators of the 20th century.

in this aspect, Country, My teacher was curiousAnd in questions. not even what was evident by his ability to scrutinize, for he sought in that trade, in all those whom he approached, the perfection he desired in art. In this last field he was also a genius I was achieved to the point of exhaustion, but quickly decided the boy. always.

There was nothing alien to him in those various matters which deserved his passion and patience. The creation of Eñe, like that of La Fábrica, had a collective ambition, such that he was open to collaborations with others in the hemispheres he desired. He was not discursive, his speech was going inward, and he also exercised it through listening. He would sit in front of you, inquiring about the idea that has inhabited you, and immediately, if that idea were fertile or open to him, he would immediately be with you to carry it out.

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One day I told him and his partner Luis Posada, who like all his family now cries for a future without him, that there is a literary supplement in Argentina, the daily supplement Clarion which was called Ñ as an already seasoned festival, which was also celebrated for its birthday.

There was no need for further alerts, for at once there were those who boarded this boat who steered him in contact with the most important cultural magazine in America, and the meeting was a success. As Benedetti told Viglietti one day, when he told the poet that he had composed songs, Anaut was full of “energy for coincidence & rdquor;And where there was the possibility of walking with another or with others, there was always, first commanding and then seeing command.

Always available

Spain, the Spanish language, and therefore America also live from these energies; And Anaut’s energy was of paramount importanceFirst, in this universe where ideas have been spread by insults carried by envy and ideologies. At no time in my life, even when we were colleagues from the same newsroom, had I not seen in Anaut even an iota of the platitudes that sometimes haunt us as journalists. And as a culture creator, and as a person, he was always available to say yes even if he eventually told you no, and he didn’t see it.

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It is very unusual for me now to write his name in the past, Alberto Anaut, it is so terrible that on Mondays he behaved with him as hell behaved with life, and that everything he says about this loss corresponds with anger at a vision that broke the fertility of life.

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Anaut was a Inventor of culture. An extraordinary energy of creation and what I am crying over now is a terrible loss to the worlds of books, art and thought. An amazing engine that we hope will never stop ringing because ideas don’t die, they are there, like a joyful legacy in which the light of enlightenment well leaves us.

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