Akinfenwa: The world’s heaviest striker switches to wrestling

Adebayo Akinfenwa (Islington, 10-5-1982) became a football icon for being the world’s heaviest striker. His chubby body – an estimated weight of 102 kilograms – caused a sensation in all areas he visited.

Four years ago he was unemployed and today Klopp congratulates him on his promotion

Within four years, he had gone from being unemployed to being able to earn Junior Klopp’s praise himself. In Wycombe Wanderers, Which he reached in 2016 coming from the Asian Wimbledon Championships, She is a legend. with ‘The ChairboysPlay 250 matches and get 2 promotions – From the fourth to the second degree -, She scored 60 goals and distributed 40 assists Before hanging up shoes last summer.

Akinfenwa, 40, now faces a new challenge. The former Barry Town player, Leyton Orient, Doncaster Rovers, Swansea City and Millwall, among others, is moving to wrestling. In fact, He plans to debut next week in the wrestling world.

Akinfenwa warns Ramos: ‘Never play against you, you are lucky’

“I was fortunate to do what I loved most for 22 years. When they asked me what I would do when I retire, I always said I was looking for new experiences.” Points out in an interview with the “Daily Mail”.

The main person in his “transformation” was Anthony Ogogo. “I’ve known him for years, when he was a boxer. My love of wrestling has always been in the background, and after my retirement he asked me: Do you want to try?

Football “monster” over 100 kg. Knocks down an opponent in a brawl: Akinfenwa has been kicked out

Akinfenwa is happy with his new life: “When you find something you enjoy, everything is easier and I enjoy it a lot … But it hurts: there are fractures of the ribs, shoulders, orb … Before I used to throw people on the floor and now I’m the one who goes to the floor a lot.

Before I used to throw people on the ground and now I am the one who goes to the ground a lot

Adebayo Akinfeinoa

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