air fryers | Foods that are forbidden to be placed in the air fryer

he flourish Oil-free air fryers continue to rise in popularity as they are New fashion devices. This device helps us Create more complex and elaborate dishes Above all, correct. However, many are so overly confident in their deep fryer that RRattan for cooking practically any product In which. This can be negative effectsbecause it may affect its functioning.

And do that oil-free air fryers Designed for certain types of foodwhile there are somebanned“That should be avoided.

Foods that should not be cooked in an air fryer

Indeed, there is a sure thing Foods that should not be put in a deep fryer Although it may affect management of the device or because they will be Poorly cooked. As mentioned before, these are some of the foods you should never cook in a deep fryer, and some of the foods that contain cheese or cheese itself may be some of the most eye-catching.

The reason is that when inserted into the air fryer cheese productsupon thawing, it can endEntering the channel of the device and spoiling it. Also, given the speed at which the cheese melts, it will likely end up burning and thus make the appliance very difficult to clean.

Another food that should not be cooked in red meat. It’s not dangerous, but this type of meat needs a little more elaborate cooking time. If you try to get red meat into the pan, it will most likely be it It doesn’t end up at the perfect cooking point And it ends up being very dry.

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the popcorn They are other forbidden foods for this machine. This is due to the danger that corn poses to the operation of the device. It is that the atom increases in size, especially with heat and when Shooting runs the risk of getting into a canal.

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Finally, there is another food on the forbidden list Liquids and sauces. As obvious as it may seem, it can expire Spray on the inner circles directly spoil it.

so that is Be careful with the food you put in the fryer of air without oil if you don’t want to spoil or not cook dishes properly.

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