AI | Sectors that will be affected, according to Bill Gates

Obviously, artificial intelligence has taken a brutal turn in what is known as technological developments. This intelligence is able to solve all your doubts and problems without any effort and do the work in a simple and above all fast way.

It may be useful to have these intelligence services as well Decisive For companies or any business, but the problem is on the other side of it. She can reach Sectors hit hard In addition to jobs and activities that a natural person is no longer required to perform.

If this happens, AI will be responsible for creating thousands of jobs. Experts say this is because of the fear this situation causes today The progression of these techniques must be controlled so that they do not reach an untreatable extent.

According to Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and one of the main investors in ChatGPT, you should Be careful with this twist Where classic jobs are in danger of disappearing for people and about to be the job of machines.

What does Bill Gates think of this danger?

Through his personal blog, Bill Gates has expressed his opinion on Amnesty International and The sectors most affected by this paradigm shift.

One of Gates’ most controversial views is that artificial intelligence will soon be introduced into the world Education sector. Which means that these machines can replace teachers in some areas. Although the businessman has confirmed that The relationship between teachers and their students.

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It is another sector that will be affected the most salesSince customer service activities, AI can easily learn, implement, and do these jobs.

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Finally, the founder of Microsoft points it out Health will also be affected by artificial intelligence. Although these devices obviously cannot replace the presence and work of a doctor, they can be useful when it comes to doing so Advisory tasks which the doctor cannot do. Apart from this, artificial intelligence can be essential to Accelerate medical progress, because it stores a large and varied amount of data and information that can help develop specific progress in the health sector.

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