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We have more and more smart phones In our house to facilitate our chores or any problem we have. From sensors, alarms or security cameras, we find some smart heroes in our home. despite of Many benefits that they bring home, it is important to plan well and control to avoid them certain risks.

The most important thing is to know what we need and how I do most of them these devices. When purchasing a device of this type, it is necessary to consider some aspects when you purchase it and also once you install it in your home as well.

Wireless connection

Wi-Fi connection is available in every home through Wi-Fi routers or Wi-Fi systems. There are many sensors on the market today and other devices that connect to a wireless WiFi network to facilitate configuration.

Despite this, there are also such wireless technologies as ZigBee and Z-Wave specially designed for home automation that are able to form a mesh network to obtain Maximum reliability in communications.

For these reasons, manufacturers in this sector will, today, focus on two home technologies: Thread and matter. So, if you are thinking of setting up home automation in your home, the best is to wait until these two technologies are established.

home assistant

This device is one of them Operating systems to control home automation The most effective home appliances out there. Thanks to this operating system, we can centrally manage other devices and bring a touch of smart home.

The advantage of Home Assistant is that we can install it anywhere PC, NAS server. It is also completely free and we have a lot of documentation And a great community behind this very interesting project.

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NAS server

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This NAS server is a true home automation hub. Here you can install the operating system home helper, And you will also have the possibility Install additional software To centrally manage all home video surveillance operations using IP cameras.

What it means to have a NAS at home is to install software on it Further enhance home automation at home. With it, you will be able to perform complete virtualization of operating systems such as Home Assistant, and then you have it Lightweight virtualization using Docker To install all the additional software you want and need. This way, you will be able to backup all your content available in the cloud.

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