Against the myth of Sylvia Plath as Marilyn Monroe poetry

Becoming Sylvia Plath (Boston, 1932) is brilliant, tragic, and beautiful marilyn monroe literature, contemplation Heather Clark in that A wonderful biography of the poet Red comet (editor Bamba). Unable to survive all but Ted Hughes’ coldest English winter of the 20th century, the Great Freeze of 1963, Plath shuts her two children, Nicholas and Frieda, in the room with bread, butter and two bottles of milk, and visors her door shut. Then tape He put his head in the oven and turned on the gas. His horrific suicide destroyed several generations of his people, like a nuclear mushroom.

Just six years later, Asia Weevil, abandoned by the woman Ted Hughes, He also gassed himself in his home with the daughter they hadShura is only four years old. In 2009 Nicholas Hughes, a 47-year-old marine biologist like his father, is found hanged in his Alaskan home after prolonged bouts of depression: only Frida, the childless painter and poet, keeps the story going. A lot of black events flooded the character of Sylvia Plath to dilute it. I would like to strip Plath of the cultural baggage of the past fifty years and reposition it as… One of the most important American writers of the twentieth century” suggests Heather Clarke in her bio. Sylvia Plath also lived, and was recently discovered and remembered Red cometafter his suicide. And above all he wrote, with as much perseverance and talent.

A new purportedly canonical biography, The Red Comet, establishes Sylvia Plath as one of the most important American writers of the 20th century regardless of her black myth.

Very talented and sensitive

Biography More than 1000 pages, Plath is “Lovers”. It gives ample detail on the most famous point in the poet’s life: the how He published his first poem at the age of eight, the same one he had when his beloved father, Otto, died; Her fierce literary ambition prompted her to submit more than fifty stories in 1950 before one of them was accepted by the magazine. Seventeen; his years in Smith Elite Women’s College And how disappointed she was with her fellowship in New York after winning the magazine competition Mademoisellewhich is the experiment that was followed First suicide attempt in 1953.

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That summer, Sylvia Plath sank into depression, left a note—”I’ve gone for a long walk. I’ll be home tomorrow”—and, in fact, locked himself in the cellar of the family home for the night A bottle of sleeping pills from his mother, Aurelia. The woods were combed for her and an astounding 253 articles were published in newspapers in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Florida about “the pretty girl from Wellesley’s missing Smith & rdquo;”

Her relatives found her After three days unconscious in the cellarAlerted by the Dog: The episode ends with young Sylvia Plath in therapy with disaster. Electroconvulsive therapy. It was the seed of classic American literature, bell jar, about a girl who wins a scholarship to work at a major city fashion magazine and apparently has it all. Yet he can’t stand up A society that rejects female ambition And it starts to crumble.

“Every woman worships a fascist”

Red comet It also offers new perspectives on the people who surrounded Plath as his disgraced mother, Aurelia. Faced with the cruel image of a woman who endlessly projected her ambitions onto her doomed daughter until she was unbalanced, Plath herself encouraged her in bell jarPainted by Heather Clark A tireless worker after being widowedShe did what she could so that her girl, distinguished but fragile, would fulfill the dreams she understood.

The biography delves deeply into the family’s history, with a history of mental problems, such as a grandmother who ended her days in institutions of which Sylvia Plath had no record. She also denies that Otto Plath, of German descent, was a fearsome Teutonic portrayed in the poem. Babi – “Every woman adores a fascist, with a boot in the face” –, a feminist battle cry nonetheless earned it criticism for its use of Holocaust and Nazi imagery. Regarding feminist Sylvia Plath, do not overlook the biography With his cruelty against barren women. This reached a ceiling when she actually wrote against her husband’s lover, Asia Wevill, who is having difficulties conceiving: “I am full of babies, overflowing with milk / Carrying seven little carcasses in a sack ”.

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“I hated Spain”

It is also subject to analysis. How Sylvia Plath cruelly judged her mother, with the encouragement of therapists such as Ruth Bucher. He recalls that psychiatry did not stop blaming mothers for their children’s mental illnesses until the 1970s Red comet:”The mother is not the first enemy. start looking for the real enemy & rdquor; Read that brochure Feminist Psychotherapists They began distribution to colleagues in the American Psychiatric Association around this time.

Special mention deserves Plath’s relationship with Ted Hughes, as she met him in Cambridge after being awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, at a legendary party that he ended up biting her on the neck after kissing. “There is a tiger after me: any day it will kill me,” Sylvia Plath composed shortly after their passionate encounter, which ended in a Bloomsday wedding just four months after they met. Although the marriage soon fell apart –“I hated Spain, summed up in a homonymous poem about his stay in Benidorm – and many blaming Hughes for the fatal outcome of his wife, Comita Rojo highlighted it Their happy years were more productive for both of them.

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For aesthetic collaborators, Plath acted as Hughes’ literary agent, submitting his manuscripts and entering him in competitions. He was also convinced of his wife’s talent: “You should see the poems she is writing now. She is like a woman on fire. I told a friend two weeks before she committed suicide. Arielanother of his masterpieces, was published posthumously.

The myth behind suicide

In principle, Sylvia Plath’s suicide on February 11, 1963 only merited a brief indictment History of Saint Pancrasand in it the death of “the thirty-year-old writer, Lady Sylvia Plath Hughes, wife of one of Britain’s most famous contemporary poets, Ted Hughes.” However, Alvarez, the British writer and critic for whom Plath had a brief Affairsdecided to do justice: published a few days later in observer meaning text, Tomb of a poetaccompanied by a photo Plath with her little daughter in her arms and four of her wonderful poems. Interested in his tragedy, people wanted to read it more and more. when they are fulfilled Sixty years after his death, Red comet He claims that it is time to strip the sensationalism of the literary genius.

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