Aesthetics | Semi-permanent manicure: advantages and disadvantages of this treatment

Semi-permanent nail polish has been one of the hottest claims of salons for several years now, especially when it’s hot and the weather is fine. Then we go to our trusted aesthetic center to choose the color that will accompany us for a few days and that we can wear because there is little or no possibility that we will need to wear winter gloves again.

For many people, this is the perfect solution if you don’t have a lot of time to care for and paint them. They look beautiful for a certain period, they are visually more beautiful and natural than those that are painted every day and are perfect.

Different types of enamel

In this sense, it is convenient to recall the differences between andFor permanent enamel and semi-permanent. As its name indicates, permanent enamel is what remains on the nail Indefinite time and this is disappearing with its growth.

Conversely, semi-permanent enamels last a little longer, Between two and three weeks. In addition, it is easy to remove at home, without having to go to a beauty center. This is unlike a permanent manicure, which requires the help of a professional. In case we want to remove it, Because it presents a series of enamel layers that require a series of tools and special nail polish removers.

For this last reason, many people decide to opt for semi-permanent nail polish, as well maintains its shine for days, It turns out to be less aggressive than permanent and provides rigidity to the nails. It is less aggressive than permanent It does not affect the nail tissue, but this does not indicate that it is always a good idea to wear it, because excessive use may damage your nails.

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By overdoing, we mean going on, mainly because nails need to be replenished. And it is that all enamels can cause drying, because they are an opaque product With different layers of enamel And harmful ingredients such as parabens or xylene, neither the nails nor the skin under them can breathe, which is why they become weaker and softer.

Expert recommendation

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In this sense, the experts recommend that those who do not decide on a traditional manicure keep in mind that it is convenient to take breaks of a few weeks when they are with the semi-permanent for a while. This largely depends on what type of nails you have, though It is best to get an expert opinion. To determine when you can use some time without nail polish.

Likewise, it does not hurt to complete these interruptions with an intake vitamins Which can strengthen the formation of nails, such as those belonging to Group B, vitamin C or ironin addition to moisturizing them with nourishing oils and carrying out the corresponding cleaning treatments to avoid fungal infections, which can also be common due to the lack of oxygen derived from semi-permanent enamel.

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