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“Signs in the world stay out of the way I’m going downhill and no brakes. I’m recording this video to announce that I’ve become a streamer. So I announce Monday night on Twitter Luis Enrique, Spain coach, who will make his Twitch debut during the World Cup in Qatar. Soon, his name was a trend on this social network and his new Twitch channel has already exceeded 70,000 followers. All this despite the fact that the video in which he announced it was not of high quality, as he himself admits: “You can see that I can only get better because the lighting is insufficient, the microphone is third-rate and Caribella is what is there.””. Four live streamers share their mistakes and keys to success on Twitch.

Above all, be natural

“From a Twitch with controversial content like the World Cup in Qatar that will already be getting a lot of attention and ready to hate (hate), maybe it’s not the most interesting for Luis Enrique,” ​​says writer Scheherazade. From Scheherazade MR channel. But he opines that “if you approach it right, it can work even if you have a ‘tertiary mic and bad lighting’, because that’s not the most important thing about Twitch.”

If this platform has anything going for it, it’s “spontaneous and no script.” So, for this streamer The 31-year-old’s “not so spontaneous” video doesn’t sound like the best cover letter for him. However, he considers that “the message was the intent” and insists that Twitch learned by doing so. Something Anniel, 29, the creator of on Official Anniel agrees: “It sounds forced and unnatural, I studied dubbing and it gives me the feeling he’s practiced a lot.”

The spectators are rewarded streamers Natural and quick to tell if you are faking it or not. This is what the veteran sports journalist W.T streamer Ciro Lopez, 66, who highlights a strong point in Luis Enrique: “He communicates well, a good principle to stand in front of the microphone, plus he looks directly into the camera, and he’s not afraid of it.” To be successful on Twitch during the World Cup, He advises you to interact with your viewers and get moderators “so toxic people don’t get into the chat.”

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Distinguished greeting

some streamers They start broadcasting in a very specific way. From “God’s very good little creatures for Rubios” to “Hey, what’s up guys? It’s all right, it’s all right? And I’m glad” by AuronPlay. “They have a very strong phrase, but if you’re going to talk about soccer and say to me ‘I’m going downhill with no brakes,’ well man, you remind me of my grandfather, what do you want me to tell you?” says Anil. The expert also criticizes that the first sentence of the video is a leadership metaphor rather than referring to football. But he finds that the coach has also had some success, as when he points out that there is a “little third-tier part”.

Lighting improvement

Although some streamers They are of the opinion that lighting should not be a determinant of success, for Luis Enrique it wouldn’t be hard to improve. “I was going to turn on the overhead light in the room, which I imagine would be a typical yellow light, and used a white LED ring to get a little bit of light contrast,” says Anniel. In the face of the World Cup, Lopez advises the coach to improve direct and indirect lighting. To do this, it is suggested that you purchase a pair of light screens from specialized companies and also resort to indirect light from behind so that your face does not shine too much.

High quality sound

The sports journalist also considers that sound is also important on Twitch, so he recommends using a good microphone. “Looks like that’s what you do for flow Anything goes. But in reality it is like making radio and television from home, ”he confirms. In the video uploaded by Luis Enrique, according to Aniel, the sound is very good, since there is practically no background noise. He says: “I have the impression that he recorded it with his cell phone and that he is wearing a headphone and microphone , to sound like a football commentator and that seems to me to be a good idea.” This suspicion is due to the fact that “with these kind of microphones you can often hear your breathing a lot.” So “either he had some headphones with a very good microphone or he recorded it.” with his mobile phone.

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Repeat the decoration

In the video recorded by Luis Enrique, in the shadows you can see a desk with some books and, on the wall, a tactical blackboard. That’s the only reference to football in the room, notes Anniel: “What’s so hard about putting yourself up against a white wall with past World Cup kits, team pictures, trophies, balls… though?”et al Don’t take it to Qatar, let people see you’re working on it.” streamer He would record the video in an environment that “wasn’t very claustrophobic”. “It looks like it’s under the stairs in Harry Potter, where I first slept,” he jokes.

Full twitch channel

The Spanish coach’s channel name is luisenrique21worldcup22. “It’s the worst name I’ve ever seen,” says Anniel. The streamer It is advised not to use numbers as this makes it difficult for other users to remember the name and find the channel. For this reason, he suggests two alternatives – Luis Enrique Oficial or Luis Enrique World Cup – as well as putting up a profile picture and asking for Twitch verification.

Luis Enrique’s channel is still in its infancy: it doesn’t have any information or content, so it still has a lot of room for improvement. For the author of the channel LechitANHC a streamer Canary is 21 years old, ideally when someone walks him in, they say “how sweet”. In addition to writing a summary of what will be found on the channel, he suggests that the recruiter decorate it to make it attractive. An alternative might be, for example, “contacting digital artists who make sketches of what is to be transmitted or collect photographs of transmissions.” “When I go into a channel and see that it worked so hard, it makes me want to keep watching it,” he adds.

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Anil considers that the most important section of the channel is precisely the “Data of Interest” section, which is accessed by entering a live stream and scrolling down. The broadcaster encourages the coach to write in his description some information about him that no one else knows: “If he puts something from his childhood that he has not been told before, there are still those who think he will say different things and decide to spend.” In this section it is also possible to provide other information: from the rules of the channel to the countries from which the users who follow you are from.

Once you’re broadcasting, it’s a good idea to take care of the scenery (the design that appears on screen while you’re broadcasting), according to Lopez. Journalist Luis Enrique advises choosing what he represents. If you are only going to talk about the Spanish national team, for example, you can put their colors or something related to the jersey that the players will be wearing. In addition to taking care of the image, it is necessary that “the Internet coverage is good and, if possible, fiber-optic to avoid interruptions in retransmission.”

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