Adriana Ugarte (‘Heridas’, Antena 3): ‘They let me build a woman who doesn’t love me’

Impossible not to relate to Adriana Ugarte (Madrid, 1985) Sera, the tailor turned spy which stars best seller By María Dueñas who brought Antena 3 to the small screen with the series of the same name time between seams. But since then it has appeared in other countries as well sadnessAnd parrot And Wounds. In the latter, which after going through Atresplayer Premium, It is broadcast on Thursday, We are 3 It gives life to a complex woman full of contradictions who kidnaps a girl from her abusive mother. Meanwhile, he hopes to bring his beloved Cera back to life in the Dueñas series of the same name.

Q: Tell me about your character, Manuela, an imperfect woman, because that’s how you wanted to build her.

R was found. Manuela is a woman who would have been treated from the light, from a place so pure, as a woman touched by compassion and charity. Or from the dark side, which may not be politically correct. Because I loved working with her on the emotional independence she has with a girl, such a strong bond is created that can, at times, be unhealthy on Manuela’s part.

Q: Sick, you say?

R was found. Yes, and this is what interested me the most. Not to be Alba’s savior and that her past life was hell and the present is heaven. but man He kidnaps a girl away another human And every human being complicated. It is vague and incomplete. As we all are. I loved lovingly making weird Manuela. You don’t quite understand what’s wrong with the girl. did you like it or not. This was very difficult and very delicate, but the team helped a lot.

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Q: It’s a brave series, because it doesn’t conform to clichés about women.

R was found. Yes, because if I, as a translator, wanted to father a woman who did not love me, they let me. That seems brave to me, and I feel grateful. Because she doesn’t want to play the Good Samaritan. I wanted to build a woman whose traumas and inadequacies cause her to have unhealthy reactions and behaviors.

Q. The series stars complex women. Do you think people sympathize or feel uncomfortable?

R was found. I think of everything. They empathize with the characters, both female and male, and at times feel left out, judged, and criticized. And that’s interesting. Because when you get a lot of judgment about something, it’s because you have to mend a wound. If he’s generating those kinds of things, that’s a positive, I think Wounds It is a series that does not leave you indifferent.

“They let me build a woman who doesn’t love me”

Q: To Elena Rivera, the protagonist sunriseThey told him not to watch Turkish series. Did you do the same?

R was found. I haven’t seen her either. In general, I do not see the basis on which the work was adapted. I prefer working from scratch, exploring scenarios, working with directors, characters… because it’s not the same culture, nor are they the same colleagues, nor is it the same actress, nor is it the same vital moment that you’re in. for them. So everything is so new that I’d rather live it up and fill myself up with other references, with other movies, with other female characters, with things that have nothing to do with it, but still a reference worth it. Life is beautiful And lolita They helped me build this character.

Q: Curious way.

R was found. I like to make crazy mixed combinations. Because the emotional dependency that Manuela has with Alba is the one that Jeremy Irons has with Lolita. I consider. The way to manage drama that Roberto Benigni possesses Life is beautiful. I consider. They are genres, personalities, and ages that are beyond me and I’m not afraid to explore them. I’m not afraid to dive.

Q: You’re talking about Cosette Silguero’s wonders. Does the maternal instinct begin when working with children?

R was found. I have a strong lifelong instinct. What happens is that after working with Cossete, even more so. something amazing. For me it was one of the driving forces behind making the series: working with a girl for six months. It reminded me of those indie films about an adult with a baby abroad. But I thought: let’s see what happens. And I came across this luminous being… It’s just a fairy! that’s cool! He’s looking at you and it’s like he came from another galaxy, from another world. As if he had lived 500,000 lives. And I’m not a mystic, am I? I’m 7… Now at 37, I’m over the moon in Valencia, and then there’s nothing reprehensible.

Q: How did it feel to work alongside Maria Leon?

R was found. We did very little together. Because I’m on the trip with Alba and I rarely meet Yolanda. It was very little, but very intense. Because they are two women who love the same girl with all their souls.

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Q: Filming must have been emotionally difficult.

R was found. Yes, it was very difficult. There were many days and Manuela in each chapter the truth will become more difficult. Many traumas will arise and he will meet the ghosts of the past. Hence it does not have the greatest balance in the world either.

Q: Your instability isn’t helping.

R was found. No, and it will put out a lot of fires as it goes. But the fire will eventually overflow and will come upon you continually. The cool thing about the series, the thing that I love and seems so real to me because of that respect that exists for imperfection, is that in other novels, when the hero puts out the fire, that’s it: conquer the medal. But here the protagonist puts out deadly fires, keeps walking, and more fires appear. With what is an emotionally deformed personality. It’s like a little doll who loses an arm or a leg every chapter… They’re not heroines.

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Q: Will you participate in the series? Serabased on the book Maria Dueñas?

R was found. They didn’t tell me anything. But I’d be happy to get back into Serra’s shoes, of course.

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