Administrations distribute lottery prizes in Madrid | Madrid administrations where I played the Christmas lottery over without being Donna Manoleta

historically, Madrid is the luckiest city of all. There they even celebrated it 82 is suitable for 200 yearsthe last of which was last year 2021.

More hopeful statements for the citizens of that city. In the past six years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021), he’s always been someone from D.C., according to Data from the State Lottery and State Betting Society (Sely). The The second city in Spain is Barcelonawith 42 ‘Gordos’ since 1817. These two big cities are followed in terms of wealth by Seville, 17th, Bilbao (14th), Valencia (13th), Zaragoza (13th) and Cadiz (12th).

Lucky Madrid

Madrid still leads the Luckiest Places rankings for another year, with El Gordo dropping a total of 82 times in the more than 200-year history of the traditional draw. The first time it was awarded was in 1816. In the past six years (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021), it has always won first prize in an extraordinary drawing of the Christmas lottery.

Lottery departments

We all know that the administration par excellence to win the Madrid lottery is “Donna Manolita”. Although thousands and thousands of users invite each year to travel to Madrid to buy Christmas lottery tickets in this department, there are also other prominent departments in Madrid to buy these tickets.

The golden doubloon

Another agile Madrid administration. In 2017 alone, it distributed 91.5 million euros, of which 183 series numbered 29914, corresponded to the third prize in the extraordinary drawing of the Christmas lottery. In 2016, it distributed 180 million euros, the largest prize awarded by the Madrid Lottery Administration in recent decades. Its location is also incomparable: Madrid’s famous Puerta del Sol square, one of the most famous and busiest places in the city.

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bow tie

Another symbolic administration of the capital. In 1991, he signed one of his first achievements: awarding “El Gordo” the extraordinary Christmas lottery draw in all its series. This place is also known for its customers. The owners maintain that a character like Ramón María del Valle-Inclán was one of their best clients.

Cities where “El Gordo” has played

All those who bought a tenth of the Christmas lottery are waiting December 22nd To check if the ticket they have purchased has been awarded with any of the main prizes. El Gordo, who has given 4 million euros per number, is undoubtedly the most coveted.

Madrid leads the lottery

Since the existence of the Christmas lottery, the first prize has been more generous with some cities than with others. Madrid It is the city that tops the list and the most fortunate capital. up in 81 occasions, Last time in 2019, El Gordo fell in the Spanish capital, he reported Lottery and state gambling. the most famous administration in the Spanish capital, Mrs. Manolettahas a lot to do with the large number of tickets he was able to sell, due to his fame.

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The The second city In the “arrangement” it is Barcelonaagile 42 times With fat it also stands out in Catalonia Lidawhich is also at the top of the ticket distribution by population rating, due to the “draw effect” of management type.

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The third position was taken Sevillewith 17 lucky chance first prize. Behind them are Bilbao, Zaragoza and Valencia (13), Cadiz (12) and Malaga (10). The rest of the population was honored 10 times less.

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