adidas samba | The latest trend among celebrities

We know that something will become direction When ‘Celebrities’ start getting full and manage to beat street style.

And now it’s your turn sport shoes. But not just any sneaker, but a specific model they all fell for: adidas samba.

It is true that in every season there is a brand or model that stands out above the rest and manages to be the best seller in the market.

but this Drops Looks like Adidas won’t let any other sneaker slip onto the trend radar.

Which is that adidas Samba provides a good dose of perfect freshness for Add a touch to any look All comfortably and without the method of subtraction.

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What is the reason for the appearance of these men’s sports shoes?

We get back to you quickly: nostalgia In the past that characterizes Generation Z.

And that, this kind of shoe, initially designed to play soccer, is inevitable Britpop icons like Oasis and characters like Kate Mosswho was photographed with Mario Sorrenti (then-boyfriend) in 1993 wearing a gray silk suit and black leather Adidas Samba.

In addition, during the seventies and eighties they became heroes in Queen Sofia fashion or Carolina de Monacowho fell in love with adidas Gazelle (a very similar model).

For all these reasons, these “sneakers” are a must in today’s supermodel outfits, shaping a Viral authentic.

From Hailey Bieber to Kendall Jenner to Kaia Gerber

If there was a ‘popular person’ who could figure it out before all fashions Halle Pepper.

Adidas Samba has become a the necessary to her. These sneakers become a hero in her casual and relaxed attire.

secondly, Kaia Gerber It has also fallen to this trend.

Back in the summer months, we got to see how the model combined it with her hottest summer looks long skirts Or “shorts” and now, like all of them, you include them in your fall outfits.

parachute pants or wide cut, high stockings And the Adidas Samba, this is the most watched option in Gerber lately.

Kendall Jenner It wouldn’t be less, and we’ve already been able to see the model in more than one pair of these shoes.

Both classic, as well as in black, have cleverness s comfort It makes every celebrity rate these sneakers as their favorite.

Watch out for Gazelles!

sport shoes adidas gazelle (the samba cousins) were born in 1968 and were also seen as football boots.

Several in the seventies urban tribes Like modders and skaters, or music greats John LennonThey started to brag about them.

In 1990 the color palette was expanded and began to appear everywhere different colors.

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Now, the trend is driven by another factor to consider: the new collaboration adidas x gucci which reinterpreted Gazelle’s symbolic model.

In fact, Harry Stiles She made it the essential complement to her “Love On Tour” looks by wearing them in all available colors.

shoe success? These two classic adidas models have a coil reasonable price It is infinitely versatile.

They can be worn every day knowing that They work with everythingFrom casual to more casual looks.

do you find it It’s hard to find a fashion expert who doesn’t have Samba or Gazelle in your closet.

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