Add this to your washing machine drawer and get clothes cleaner

Washing clothes is an essential task in today’s day, and To make sure our textiles stay clean and newCertain precautions must be taken. Some of the most important precautions include: Sort clothes by color Follow the manufacturers recommended detergent amounts. But the whole point is Keep our equipment in good condition.

On many occasions, a washing machine can stop working properly, which can be due to both malfunction and lack of maintenance. Although the drawer of the washing machine is in constant contact with water and detergent, it is not the most hygienic place in the washing machine, therefore It is necessary to clean and dry it thoroughly after each wash to avoid the birth of microorganisms that could affect the effectiveness of the wash.

Detergent and fabric softener may be added to the washing machine It accumulates debris and dirt that can clog it. Also, if it is not dried after washing, it may appear Mold It smells bad. Our washers are recommended to avoid aging It has an elegant staircase. To do this, the tray must be removed from the washing machine, Run it under the tap and use a brush to remove the hardened cleaner Buildup can clog compartments and mold if present.

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It is important to note that many people consider a washing machine to be superfluous, as it is considered an independent device in its cleanliness and disinfection. However, if it is not properly taken care of, Germs and bacteria can multiply inside if left uncheckedIt can be embedded in the fibers. Therefore, it is essential to keep your washing machine clean and disinfected to ensure that our textiles are left clean and fresh.

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In these articles, we explain different ways to completely clean your washing machine, which is a very simple and essential task Get rid of tartarDirt and soap scum that accumulate on it.

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