Actor, comedian and musician Mauro Muñiz de Urquiza, better known as “Don Mauro”, dies at the age of 58

the actor Mauro Muñiz de Urquiza died suddenly at the age of 58. Known as “Don Mauro,” he was also a comedian, musician, and art writer. Although he was born in Madrid and developed his entire career there, he maintained a very close relationship with Asturias, a land whose intense attraction he felt and was fond of, due to his family origins. He was Son of Mauro Muñiz Rodríguez, journalist and writer from GijónWho started his career in the city before moving to Madrid to work in other media for professional reasons. His mother was Paloma de Urquiza y Fernández de la Reguera, also a journalist and writer. Both of them instilled in him that passion for the arts, which occupied his life. Well it was Brother of Maria Muñiz, who was a member of the European Socialist Parliament.

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In his career as an actor, his appearances in TV series have been known as “The one who will come & rdquo;” Without breasts there is no heaven & rdquo; “Hospital Central & rdquo;” Aída & rdquo; or “Paco’s men”. In the cinema, he participated, among other performances, in “Tres bodas de más & rdquor; and” Imaginary pagans & rdquor;. And in his musical aspect, he stood out, for example, with his participation as a keyboardist for the well-known musical group “La Cabra Mecánica”. In his face as a comedian, his interventions in programs such as “Noches de comedians de Comedy Club & rdquo;.

His remains will be from this afternoon at Parcesa La Paz funeral home in Alcobendas, Madrid.

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