Activists stick to Las Magas linguistically at the Prado Museum

Both environmental activists that stuck on Saturday under “Maja naked‘Based on’wearing maya‘ From Francisco de Goya In the Prado National Museum In Madrid they were expelled”Not a problemAnd the police took them away. The Prado National Museum announced the reopening of the room in which these Goya paintings are located, despite the fact that they initially reported that they would do so on Sunday.

The museum condemned the act of protest and asserted that “The works were not damaged, although the tires sustained minor damage”. The Glue and spray paint In the attack, activists used plastic works to avoid metal detectors.

“We reject endangering cultural heritage as a means of protest,” he concluded. This statement is in line with what the museum director Miguel Vallomer said just two weeks ago, where he said that there ‘Smarter ways’ to defend ‘noble causes’. “When you do things this way, you get the exact opposite,” he added.Isita’s torment

The Minister of Culture, Mikel Isita, has explained His “absolute rejection” of the “act of sabotage”: “My absolute rejection of an act of vandalism that results in widespread ostracism,” Isita said on his Twitter profile. “There is no reason to justify attacking everyone’s property.”

More observation in museums

It was then, after the Just Stop Oil protests at the National Gallery in London against Vicent Van Gogh’s The Sunflowers, that Vallomir realized that his art gallery It was “alert” and it “stepped up” the surveillance.

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On October 24, the Ministry of Culture sent a letter to all national museums urging them to do so Take high security measures and be thorough in compliance with the access regulations that visitors must already comply with to access the site. These regulations include a ban on bringing items and drinks into rooms, backpacks and large packages, umbrellas or sharp objects.

Plant Future Activists

The two activists who stuck to the frame of the paintings belong to the organization The future of vegetablesa movement attributed to rebellion or extinction and the scientific revolution that seeks to Solving the climate crisis by adopting an agro-vegetarian diet.

Young people bumped into each other after writing the message “+1.5 degrees” on the wall “to warn of global warming that will lead to an unstable climate and dire consequences across the planet.”

“I’m stuck here because the UN made it official last week It is impossible to contain global warming at 1.5 ° C, Exceeding the limits stipulated in the Paris Agreement and compromising our food security,” said one activist,

It also included Despite the fact that 2021 was the year with the highest carbon dioxide emissions in historyNo action has been taken to correct this fact. Another young woman who stuck to Goya’s work called on the government to end subsidies for livestock and use them to promote plant-based alternatives to counter scenarios like the 2.5 that the UN forecasts.

From Futuro Vegetal they emphasized that the goal of this type of work is to communicate the emergency the Earth is facing. After that, the activists were evacuated “without additional problems” and taken into custody by the police. This is not the only protest of this kind that has occurred in recent weeks. In addition to what he did Just stop the oil at the National Gallery On October 14, yesterday, other environmental activists from the “Last Generation” movement threw a vegetable puree at the four “planter” of Vincent van Gogh, on display at the Musée Bonaparte Palace, in the Italian capital, Rome, as part of an exhibition dedicated to the Dutch painter. They joined another work carried out on October 27, in which a climate activist attempted to stick his head on the painting “The Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer, which is on display in a museum in The Hague.

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