Active rest or active rest: what it is, how it is done, the reasons for its practice

Exercise is good for your health, however overtrain It can be as negative as living a sedentary life. After several days of intense activity, our bodies tell us to stop. When we feel tired, the first thing that comes to mind is to lie in bed or on the couch and do nothing all day. Error! A day of rest does not mean stopping completely, but we can do other activities that help us stay active without crushing the muscles. If we want to avoid muscle fatigue after a hard day’s exercise, there is nothing better than it active rest.

What is this? According to the Spanish Federation of Directed Activities and Physical Fitness (FEDA), the Rest or active rest It involves, plain and simple, exercising while you’re resting. Something as simple as keeping moving and not stopping the activity completely between training days. Yes, the exercise we do on these rest days is Much lower intensity which we do when we do regular exercise.

The gentle exercises he suggests yoga They are the best choice for active rest days. They help you control your breathing, stretch your body, and strengthen your muscles without having to strain them. By blending muscles and joint action, it allows us to stay active while exercising certain parts of the body that we wouldn’t normally pay attention to. In addition, it helps us to connect the body and mind, to relieve superficial tension and to relax.

Walk for an hour, run a short distance without forcing yourself, and swim for a few lengths low intensity Or going for a bike ride are other activities that we can do to put active rest into practice, always keeping in mind our abilities. If you are able to continue to exercise, you can do some more demanding activities, but always reduce the frequency of physical activity or reduce the weight carried so that the joints can rest.

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Why should we practice it?

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There are many benefits of active rest compared to full rest. By doing some low-intensity exercises, we get it Increased blood flow And better supply of oxygen to the muscles, which facilitates recovery, prevents us from becoming stiff and reduces the risk of injury or muscle overload. It also allows us not to break the pace of work and maintain our physical condition.

In addition, we were able to release a greater amount of anabolic hormones and lower the concentration of lactic acid, which had the effect of improving body wellness. In the same way, it helps us reduce stress and excessive pressure that surround high-intensity exercise. And so, after a day of intense training in which we demanded our maximum body, we always Active rest will be better than passive rest (unless we get hurt).

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