Actions taken by households to lower the price of a shopping cart

Spanish households succumb to the negative effects of inflation, which is devouring their purchasing power by leaps and bounds. So much so that it has become the main concern of consumers, according to the latest Aecoc Shopperview scale, implemented in conjunction with 40 dB.

And that half of the families (49%) are already aware that their economic situation has worsened in the past year, which prompted them to take certain measures to compensate for this. The data presented in the report shows that the current economic context severely limits the decisions of consumers, who today are more price sensitive and plan their purchases more.

In fact, 72% of consumers care more about prices And in promotions upon purchase. A record 14 points more than last year’s data. Along the same lines, the metric shows that consumers have changed both stores and products to save.

Thus, 86% of those surveyed confirmed that they changed their organization for this reason, while 88% also chose to change one of their usual brands to cheaper ones.

What other steps are they taking? One of the most frequent is the prioritization of buying brands for distribution (white label) rather than the manufacturer, something that already happened in the previous crisis. According to an Aecoc survey, six out of ten consumers include more products in this category in their shopping cart.

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