“Acting against the company will lead to more recession, unemployment and poverty.”

he product fabric Spain cautiously faces the unstable economic situation affecting the main developed powers in Europe. Persistent inflationary pressures, an economic slowdown and increases in labor and production costs have narrowed business margins at a time when moderation in consumption had already slowed SME sales at the end of last year.

That feeling of uncertainty about the near future flew through the act “9th edition of the Cepyme Awards” Held by the Spanish Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises. The president of the employers’ association warned that “harming the conditions in which we do our work – labour, taxes, costs, over-regulation and loss of productivity – produces negative effects not for every company but for the entire Spanish business fabric”. Speaking of small and medium enterprises Gerardo Cuerva.

In fact, the head of Cepyme researched the fears that invade employers in Spain, especially because of the decisions taken by the government and public authorities over the past year that affect the Small and medium-sized companies And self employedmore than large companies, due to the increase in labor costs adding to the sharp increase in production costs, which amounted to 33% last year according to the Employer Research Service.

“Acting against the company only leads to more stagnation, The unemployment And poverty» warned Cuerva, recalling the latest measures taken by the government, the latest of which is the pension reform linked to an increase in contributions for all workers and especially those on the maximum contribution basis.

«Personal attacks on entrepreneurs and business leaders, threats to interfere in essential sectors, Populist rhetoric against profitsdiatribes about decisions that have been legitimately adopted by large corporations in this country, excessive taxation, and of course measures that are completely incompatible with the proper functioning of companies,” Cepyme President stated,

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High labor costs

More specifically, those from Cepyme have criticized the unilateralism of recent decisions on labor matters and that they have pushed up in: SMI There is interference in wage negotiations, which is the private domain of unions and employers to negotiate freely; Which, by the way, we have been successfully doing for decades.

The second measure he referred to is precisely that Pension reform “It is implemented without any negotiations” and assumes a “policy of semi-confiscation”. And both of them “along with many other measures adopted in recent months, reduce the ability of the businessman to make his own decisions regarding his income, and make our economy see the ability to innovate, hire talent, growth decline rapidly, investment, attractiveness” and thus lose Productive fabric its competitiveness in the international environment.

In this sense, the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, to the challenges faced by companies operating in the current production context, which is increasingly changing due to the application of new technologies. The business leader pointed to “three keys: digitization, circular economy, and investing in intangible assets is companies’ present and future,” adding that trust is the most important thing for a businessman to invest, work, and continue to create wealth. . “We need stability and Legal guarantee. The quality of the standard is what drives entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to keep working.”

“Stability has always been an ally of the company. Three years ago, I warned of the impact of changing, short-term decisions, determined by the complex political scenario in Spain, on commercial activity “, warned Gerardo Cuerva in the same vein, emphasizing legal certainty, which is an essential requirement for investment In order to grow and create companies and to attract international projects.

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