Academy Award-winning actor Alan Arkin has passed away at the age of 89

deceased today in 89 years oldAmerican actor Alan Arkin He was almost always an excellent minor or one of those interpreters who greased the dissonant bits in more choir movies. Cinematic prestige in the form of awards came a little late, in 2007, with an Academy Award For Best Supporting Actor for independent comedies “Little Miss Sunshine”, in which he played the out-of-control grandfather of a dysfunctional family who travels by truck to the town where a children’s beauty pageant is being held. By then he had worked in cinema for four decades since he first appeared in a completely different comedy, The Russians are coming! What do the Russians come up with? With Carl Renner and Eve Marie Saint. He had managed to establish himself in the theater much earlier, in 1963 receiving a Tony Award for his role in ‘Enter laughing‘, the work of the same Rainer with whom three years later formed a couple on the big screen in the face of the Russian ‘threat’.

His face it seems Not very expressive, between wrath and cynicism, at times in features similar to those of Walter Matthau, he allowed wayward attack, acidic, caustic characters, always secretly funny, more inclined to comedy than drama, though he combined both registers quite well. good. Perhaps his best period is that from the late 1960s to the middle of the next decade, when he attacked his most remembered characters in ‘alone in the dark’ – Where he played the role of one of the criminals who threatened a blind woman embodied by Audrey Hepburn at home -, King of danger He replaced Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau – The Destroyer “Trap 22”And “Odd Couple Cops” – one of the first “buddy movies”, along with James Caan – and “Elementary, Dr. Freud”where he gave life to Sigmund Freud in the face of Sherlock Holmes.

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If the ’80s were low-key, the ’90s started better, with small roles in the “Edward Scissorhands,” “The Rocketeer,” “Havana” Or one of those choral ballads in which Arkin shone with his own light, Glengarry Glen Ross: Success at any cost, about a group of real estate agents described by David Mamet. In recent years, he has shown his skills under the stars at “Gattaca”, “Super Agent 86 the movie”, “Argo” and version “Dumbo” Directed by Tim Burton.

Of Jewish and Ukrainian descent, Arkin has directed several short films, television episodes, and a feature film “petty murders” (1971), crime comedy starring an actor with similar characteristics to himself, Elliott Gould, and Donald Sutherland. Those two triumphed two years ago with “MASH,” the medical comedy set in the Korean War in which Arkin is perfect, given his impressive track record, for any other character.

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