Abel Matutes, winner of the 19th Otto Habsburg Prize

The Spanish All-European Committee of its Governing Council decided on October 25, headed by Florentino Portero and Carlos Uriarte as Secretary General, to hand over the 19th Habsburg Auto Prize, corresponding to 2022, to Abel Matutes Juan. For the role played by the former Foreign Minister and former Commissioner for the Regional Integration of Spain in the European Union, as well as his work on the draft European Constitution.

Abel Matutes Juan is a Spanish politician, businessman and banker who was a senator for the Kingdom of Spain (1977-1982), a deputy to Cortes Generales (1982-1986), a member of the European Commission (1986-1994), under the presidency of Jacques Delors, a member European Parliament (1994-1996), Minister of Foreign Affairs (1996-2000), currently president and owner of the Palladium Hotels Group and Grupo Empresas Matutes.

Paneuropea’s Governing Council considers its essential work in the European Commission to achieve monetary union, as well as the work carried out in the field of European foreign policy for Europe’s brotherhood and friendship with Latin America and the countries of the Southern region, which has laid a fundamental foundation for the Union’s current relations with these regions.

In doing so, Matutes will join the list of personalities to be awarded the Habsburg Otto Prize, among them, among others: the former Minister of Education, Inigo Mendes de Vigo; Vice President of the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas; Professor Jean Monnet “ad personam”, Teresa Freixes; Former Foreign Minister and former European Commissioner, Marcelino Origa Aguirre and former President of the European Parliament, Jose Maria Gil Robles.

In the next few dates, the Board of Directors will determine the date and place where the memorial work will be officially held, as well as the award ceremony.

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