Abby Choi, the slashed model whose crime terrorizes Hong Kong

In life she was so captivating with her beauty that her brutal killing made her even more terrifying. Because of her ruthless cruelty and bloody sadism, the bar crime Abby Choi Hong Kong is shocked these days. Like watching a bloody horror movie, Hong Kongers discover shocking details of Abby Choi’s death every day. The 28-year-old model and mother of four disappeared on February 21 after she was last seen in her luxury building in Kaduri Hill, where her ex-husband Alex Kwong and other ex-relatives live in another flat.

After reporting missing police She found out thanks to the security cameras that she was in a car driven by her ex-husband’s brother, who was his chauffeur. To find out what happened, they questioned him and his parents, as they could not locate the ex-husband, also 28 years old. As the three told conflicting accounts, the officers were immediately suspicious and accessed the truck’s GPS.

Track their movements with help security cameras In the streets and buildings, they discover that the car, after picking up the model, went to a town in Tai Po District called Lung Mei Tsuen. There were dozens of customers, who were asking from door to door until on February 24th they discovered a suspicious house which turned out to be one of the horrors.

House of horrors

Police identified the model’s ribs and skull within two pots

In a three-story house rented at the beginning of the month, the police found the remains of the model on the first floor, dismembered. Without furniture and the walls were lined with cloth, there was also an electric saw, a meat grinder, knives, hammer, black coveralls, face masks and the young lady’s bag. In the fridge they make another horrific discovery: his legs.

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The parents and brother of the ex-husband were immediately arrested by the police, who discovered traces of blood in their truck. The next day, the ex-husband, Alex Kwong, was arrested at a pier on Lantau Island when a speedboat was going to take him for a getaway. He had half a million dollars Hong Kong (60 thousand euros) and several luxury watches worth four million Hong Kong dollars (about half a million euros).

On Sunday the 26th, inside two large bowls seized from the horror house, the agents found the model’s ribs and skull, which had a 6.5 x 5.5 cm hole from the heavy blow they killed them with. Pots filled with fat, radishes and carrots are also included human meatWhile the girl’s bones were in another bowl.

The ex-husband and his father, 65, and brother, 31, have both been charged with murder, while their mother, 63, has been charged with murder. Obstruction of justice. In addition, three other people have fallen: a 47-year-old masseuse, purportedly the father’s lover, to rent the crime house, as well as a 41-year-old sailor and a 29-year-old ‘influencer’ to aid Kwong’s escape attempt. According to the South China Morning Post, all of this horror is due to the fact that The model was going to sell a luxury home She had bought it during the marriage for her in-laws, who refused to leave. Now, they will spend the rest of their lives in a much worse place: prison.

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