A young woman sells nudes on OnlyFans to pay for treatment for a rare cancer

when Mia Richardson Know that he has Rare cancer In September 2022, his world collapses. This 21-year-old resident of Michigan, United States, had no way to pay for expensive treatment to deal with the disease, because the American health system is not public.

After a 12-centimeter swelling appeared in her lower back, the young woman went to the specialist, who ended up diagnosing her. Spindle cell sarcomaA tumor that can develop in the bones or soft tissues. With the intent of paying for the chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions that suit him, he decides to resort to the easiest and quickest solution to get money: Sell ​​your nudes Only fans.

He earned $80,000 to pay for the treatment

The American It already exists on OnlyFans Before she was diagnosed with the disease, for some time, she kept the news a secret because she thought this tragedy could destroy her source of income. What the young woman did not expect was that her account on the adult content platform would be very successful.

Although she used several wigs, believing that no one would like to see her without hair on her head, baldness has caused her account to skyrocket among the platform’s consumers: the young woman assures that her subscribers love her.

“I was worried about the effect of hair loss on my brain, because my job depends on how I look. But Men love the bald look. I had so much positivity when I first posted without a wig. I have cancer, but I still want to do it.”

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Within a few months, Mia lift over $80,000Four chemotherapy sessions and 25 radiotherapy sessions were paid for. «I’m a cancer but I’m still sexysaid the young American who continues to share nude content in the middle of her treatment.

Although she was still in a lot of pain and was still waiting for the tumor that remained on her back to be removed, the doctors were able to Stop the spread of cancer to your lungs Thanks to the money earned at OnlyFans. According to the American Cancer Society, the five-year survival rate is 80%, as long as the cancer is confined to the part of the body where it started.

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