A woman kills an Uber driver in El Paso (USA) because she believed he had kidnapped her

Phoebe Cubas, a 48-year-old woman from Kentucky, picked up a Uber To go to a step (Texas), a US city on the border with Mexico. During the flight, the passenger thought the driver, Daniel Piedra García, 52, was to kidnap El Paso police said in a statement that the woman shot him.

According to preliminary investigation, at some point during the Cuba trip She thought they were taking her to MexicoHowever, the investigation does not support the occurrence of the abduction or the divergence of Piedra from the destination of Cuba.

The woman who was in the area visiting her boyfriend, He did not notify the police immediately. Before calling 911, Cuba took a picture of the badly injured driver and sent it to his partner. When officers arrived at the scene, a friend of the woman was helping her out of the car.

The driver was seriously injured and taken to hospital but died and the passenger was charged with murder.

Created a stone family Fundraising in order to pay medical expenses. According to an account on the GoFundMe page, they had to fire the driver because “the doctors said so There was no chance of survival».

“The money raised will be used to pay for hospital expenses, funerals, and other hardships that may arise,” he says in a GoFundMe statement.

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