A woman has been arrested in the US for raping her dog, recording it and sharing the photos

Taking care of pets requires dedication, responsibility, and commitment, which is why, in many parts of the world, Out Laws that punish animal abuse and practices that endanger the well-being of these organisms.

For example, in Spain, with the new Belarra Animal Welfare ActThere is a prison sentence for various practices such as trafficking in animals, mistreating them, or causing their death, among other cases.

But our country is not the only one considering imprisonment for crimes against animals. Recently, it was reported A shocking case regarding this type of practice in Mississippi, United States.

According to many local media outlets in the country, the 19-year-old girl arrested after allegations of sexually assaulting a dog, situation he recorded and posted photos On social media and adult pages. These videos were widely circulated and one of the citizens reported it to the police.

At the moment, the girl is still in the custody of the US authorities until the investigation progresses. if found guilty, He could face up to a decade in prison. The agents in charge of the case confirmed that it was One of the most perverted cases of animal abuse they have encountered in recent years.

In addition, according to local media, the authorities explained that: Because of the level of gravity and the extent of the images being so graphic, the investigation was shielded Only a small group of professionals can access the material in question.

The animal that had been abused was the young woman’s pet

The 19-year-old detainee, identified as Dennis Frazier, appears to have He admitted that he raped the dogAccording to “El Diario NY”. However, he had claimed it She was forced and threatened him to do so.

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Several means indicated that the animal that was subjected to abuse It was the detainee’s pet. He was a man and forced to have sex with the young woman while she was being recorded.

Last known case of verbs Bestiality, aka bestiality, in the United States it was recorded at the end of the summer of last year, in Florida. In this case it was A couple who sexually assaulted their pet, also a dog, for about eight years, according to local authorities. This event was also recorded and shared for pornographic purposes by the attackers and the authorities acted accordingly.

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