A veterinary clinic in Castellón saves the life of a dog from Cadiz that no one wanted to operate on

your owner, Damienfrom Cadiz, and the hero is called rexa Siberian hoarseness 6 years old just a few days ago, this dog He had a tumor on his face that was absolutely huge and with such a poor prognosis That all the vets her owner has been to They took him off and didn’t give him much time to live.

but veterinary clinic from vinaros, Faunivetan act miracle Thanks to its amazing team of professionals.

tumor that was rapidly growing fibrosarcoma, cause it rex He was breathing hard and it prevented him from seeing normally.

Damien’s love for his pet leads him to try to take him to various clinics in the province of Cadiz, however They all told him that they could do nothing to help him, and that this type of tumor did not need to be operated on.

A viral video on TikTok

desperate, but not resigned, She chose to try social media and posted a video on TikTok, hoping for it Being able to find a professional in the country who can help his dog and give him the chance to live a few more years.

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900 km

“It was the director of an animal sanctuary who asked the owner to contact us. Given the distance between Cadiz and Vinares, they initially sent us some pictures and we told them we thought it was possible to run. with a preoperative visit. After her evaluation, we decided to do this,” he explains Nacho Martinowner Faunivet Clinic, And the vet who operated on Rex with his team.

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Three and a half hours of operation

The process was complicated for him large tumor size, that affected Large area of ​​its nostrils endangers the animal’s breathing. The surgery took three and a half hoursComplete removal of the tumor and then reconstruction of the facial and nose tissues. At all times, constants rex were normal and We didn’t have any kind of fearNacho explains.

Rex is already eating and walking

Everything went well and developed rex It’s very good. “He is already eating and already walking, and we are very happy and satisfied with how everything is going.says the vet.

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The dog and its owner will spend a few days in Vinares after the operation. The clinic will control its development and will conduct daily monitoring of the tissue reaction. “In principle, no second intervention would be required, we think everything interacts very well, but it needs to be controlled“, Indicates.

Thanks to this operation, Rex will be able to lead a normal life, and although there is a possibility that the tumor will return, it can always be stopped in time so that it does not become so large. “The affected tumor is not metastatic, but it may multiply in the same area in the future. Control it, everything will be fine. rex You will be able to live a completely normal life, ”concludes Nacho.

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