A two-year-old starves to death at home after his father died of natural causes on Earth


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A two-year-old boy was found starving after the death of his father in his apartment in Geneva, New York.

David Cundy Jr., described as a “pretty kid with curly locks,” was found in the same room as David Cundy Sr., 59, after an alarm went off when they had not seen him in about a week.

The boy had only recently learned to walk, after several surgeries and months of casting and rehabilitation, due to a medical problem he suffered at birth.

Upon their discovery, investigators said there was no visible evidence of trauma on their bodies. They were found on February 15, according to a press release from the Ontario Provincial Police Office, but the tragic cause of their death has now been released.

Authorities announced this Monday that Conde Sr. Died of natural causes due to cardiovascular disease. Agents said her son starved to death some time later.

“It is believed that Mr. Condé passed away first and that the boy was unable to obtain any food after his father’s death,” the press release read.

When the bodies were found, agents told reporters that they had been called to come to the apartment to make sure all was well.

According to the “Democrat And Chronicle,” Lt. Joe Murphy stated: “There were no signs of a struggle at headquarters. We have no reason to believe that anyone else was in the apartment when he passed.” According to information published by this same medium, the father obtained the right of guardianship over the minor shortly after his birth.

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