A truck carrying 174 migrants traveling in crowds was intercepted in southern Mexico

The Mexican authorities objected 174 immigrants, 28 of whom are minorsfrom Central and South America and Asia, who were traveling crowded inside a tractor in the southeastern state of Chiapas, the National Institute of Migration reported Saturday.

The foreigners were arrested while roaming on the road section Tuxtla Gutierrez La Angostura, at a crossroads called Las Limas, in Chiapa de Corzo, municipality of Chiapas, according to the authorities. After calling a stop for the driver of the car the immigrants were traveling in, federal immigration agents They heard screams and blows inside.

“The back door was locked and the driver refused to open it, but the drivers The faces of minors, women and men were visible Through three incantation holes in the canopy.”

Of the 174 immigrants intercepted, 159 from GuatemalaAnd 8 from Ecuador, 2 from El Salvador, 3 from Honduras, and 1 from Pakistan.

Among them was there 28 unaccompanied minors From Guatemala and 2 from El Salvador, in addition to 3 families from Ecuador and 5 from Guatemala, they were placed under the guardianship and protection of the entity system for the comprehensive development of the family.

in the event Three people have been arrested and brought before the immigration authorities They were alleged to be the drivers of the truck while the vehicle was insured to clarify facts and clarify responsibilities.

Standard drain flow

Travel is crowded inside the different vehicles One of the most dangerous ways Which migrants use to cross Mexico clandestinely, bound for the United States, on a journey for which they pay traffickers thousands of dollars.

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On December 9, 2021, a tragedy occurred when a trailer loaded with a group of migrants overturned on the highway from Tuxtla Gutierrez to Chiapa de Corzo, in the state of Chiapas, and 56 immigrants died.

Mexico lives Standard drain flowwith 2.76 million illegal immigrants detained at the border with the United States in fiscal year 2022, and according to data provided by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), migratory flow increased by 8% in Mexican territory.

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