A trendy Zara midi skirt that you can actually get for just over 5 euros

Sales in all fashion stores invite customers to be able to get those clothes that cannot be bought on Christmas or on a whim that we have long lagged behind.

Zara, one of the most important fashion brands in the world, has different accessories, clothes and styles to satisfy its customers. Of all the deals released on these dates, she has a model that was the most requested last season.

It is a midi skirt with an elastic waist. Draped fabric. Inner lining. The dress has suffered a surprising 70% discount and now you can get it for just €5.99. The selling fever did not subside with the pandemic, although it has changed. You no longer see avalanches of people entering malls. The buzz on social media.

On the third Kings Day, Inditex started its online sales. At 6:00pm they start using the app and an hour later on the web. Not even five minutes had passed and the collapse was already felt. People have taken out all their frustration on Twitter and complained that everything was sold out.

Added to the lack of inventory to meet the high demand for Zara clothing is another complaint: the low discount. Several users have pointed out that Inditex inflates prices to make it look like there is a deep discount when in fact it is being sold at its original price.

Online sales furor is now followed by in-store sales, which began on Friday, January 7. There are many people who get up early to go to the shops looking for a bargain.

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January sales were introduced in 2022 at several commercial establishments. It is already so common that before January 7, the official day of its beginning, stores hang up posters with it Discounts up to 70% In some of its products to attract those customers who have been left behind and who have not yet made their last Christmas purchase or have not yet decided on the gifts of royalty.

Despite the increase in cases Corona Virus In recent weeks, the Spaniards have been more optimistic this year: they are betting again Buy in physical stores And the budget they plan to spend on January sales has returned to pre-pandemic levels, having increased 3.44% from a year ago, according to a survey by iAhorro’s mortgage comparator.

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