A swarm of Africanized bees has killed at least six passengers in a bus crash in Nicaragua

At least six people have died from the stings of a swarm of Africanized bees, which attacked passengers in a bus crash that destroyed their hives in the province of Jinotega, in northern Nicaragua. Four people were killed at that time and two others died of serious injuries in the past hours, according to the authorities.

The tragedy occurred on Monday when the driver of a passenger bus covering the Jinotega-San Sebastián de Yalí road, in northern Nicaragua, apparently lost control of the unit due to mechanical damage, left the road and fell into a coffee plantation about 50 meters away. Deep, according to the information.

In the fall, the bus Killed some bee hives of wood used for honey production that housed Africanized bees (also known as killer bees), prompting a violent attack.

According to the district health authorities, 45 passengers, as well as the driver of the transport unit, were stung by African bees, who were taken to a care center in San Sebastian de Yale and the most seriously to the Jinotega Regional Hospital.

Four Nicaraguans, including a child under the age of eight, died at the scene from stings from a swarm of Africanized bees, and two more died later at Jinotega Regional Hospital.

Among the dead were an 84-year-old woman who remained in a delicate condition in the hospital emergency room, a 19-year-old girl, a 32-year-old woman, a 47-year-old woman, and a 24-year-old man.

Child under 4 years of age with a conservative prognosis, among 14 still hospitalized.

Traffic agents at the National Police investigate the causes of the accident to determine responsibilities.

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