A Russian ship sailed near the site of the Nord Stream 2 explosion four days ago, according to Danish media.

he Russian ship SS-750Danish media reported on Friday that a mini-submarine was on board, captured near where the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was sabotaged just four days before the Sept. 26 explosions.

This particular vessel is designed for undersea operations and has the AS-26 Priz mini-submarine on board. The Danish Defense Command confirmed to the media that it had 26 photos of the ship.

“The SS-750 is a special vessel designed specifically for underwater operations,” says the Swedish researcher quoted by the Danish portal ‘Information’, Russian and intelligence expert Joakim von Braun.

According to this newspaper, the Norwegian Defense Command also has 112 photos of Russian ships in the area. But this is the first time the defense has confirmed that this is the specific Russian ship SS-750 with a mini-submarine on board.

At the same time, the Norwegian Defense Command refuses to provide access to the photos of the Russian private ship, as the photos are “intelligence in nature” and “part of intelligence work.”

different theories

German outlet T-Online reported that the SS-750 was one of six Russian warships that may have been in the area in the days before the pipeline was sabotaged.

The Nord Stream explosions are currently being investigated by Danish, Swedish and German authorities. It is not known when these investigations will be completed.

To date, many theories have been circulated about the sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The first theory that gained significance was published by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, American Seymour Hersh, the information with which he questioned the models – was published in his blog – and the lack of specific sources . In his opinion, the United States was the promoter of subversion. However, weeks later, the New York Times and German media pointed to intelligence about Ukrainian saboteurs causing the bombings.

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