A Russian journalist was expelled today for inciting the drowning or burning of Ukrainian children

it’s about Anton Krasovskywho gave an interview on October 20 with the Russian writer Sergei Lukyanenko, who at one point spoke about his first visit to Ukraine in the 80s, even in the times of the Soviet Union.

Lukyanenko recounted how some Ukrainian children at that time complained about Russian rule and They wanted their country to be free Or it was under the jurisdiction of a different country.

At that time, Lieutenant Colonel Anton Krasovsky wrote opinions for which he was expelled which were described as ‘Brutal and disgusting’ By RT Director Margarita Simonyan.

“They have those filthy houses in the Carpathian Mountains, so let’s drive these kids into these houses and burn them down.”

“They must have drowned. It’s our way. If they say the Russians are invaders, Immediately throw them into the river With a strong current,” began Krasovsky.

“Indeed, they have those filthy houses over there, terrible, in the Carpathian Mountains, so let us drive these children into these houses and burn them,” added the presenter, in words that dismayed his chain at the seriousness of the same. .

Ukrainian grandmothers and the future of the country

As evidenced by the video explaining this news, Ukrainian children were not the only target of hatred on the part of Krasovsky, who also stated that “Ukrainian grandmothers would give their savings for their funeral in exchange for they rape by Russian soldiers and their questions about whether Ukraine should continue to exist as a state.

The guest, Sergey Lukyanenko, replied, “Yes, because I do not want to share a country with them,” to which the presenter replied with his own solution: “Well, we shoot them.”

Ukraine calls for full censorship of RT

The Ukrainian Foreign MinisterDmytro Kuleba urged all countries that have not yet censored RT for what he considers “incitement to genocide” by Krasovsky.

The series, for its part, in addition to the faltering dismissal of the presenter, opened an in-depth investigation after the words.

For his part, Krasovsky apologized via social networks with A “It usually happens, you’re up in the air and you let yourself go”Which ended up sparking fans against him on Twitter.

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