A rise of 8.5% and the first “baby boomers” led to pension spending at the highest rate since the 1990s

Monthly pension expenses do not give rest to the public treasury. Payroll revaluation with inflation and the integration of the first outpost of Boomers Payments to retirees rose in April by 11%, a development not seen since the 1990s, but the data for the fourth month of the year is not isolated; Since January, the system has been adding, monthly, similar increments, increasing the monthly payments to €11,902 million, an unknown figure.

Retirees saw their paychecks increase by 8.5% at the start of the year, when the “boomers” began to retire, a generation of 14 million people (born between 1957 and 1977) with very high-contribution jobs that also gave them the right. for high benefits. According to Social Security data, public system retirees who enter the system do so with an average starting pension of €1,538.56.

The descent occurs at a very sensitive moment for the regime, as the birth rate in Spain is declining and weakening fragility It is the main key to the job market, regardless of the size of the increasing permanent contracts. And with the ongoing reform raising great questions by the academic world, who is only accusing Rising prices Employers and workers face the challenge of the arrival of the largest generation in history. Simply revaluing the ten million salaries paid by Social Security has had a cost to the public treasury 15,000 million eurosan amount to which must be added the replacement effect of pensions that have been recorded, which are up to 20% more than those that have been cancelled.

In April, 10,026,535 pensions were paid out, up 1% from last year, to just over nine million pensioners. Of the total pensions, more than 6.34 million pensions; 2.35 million widow’s pensions; 945,690 are permanently disabled; 341,278 are pensions for orphans, and 44,811 are for relatives.

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