A prosecutor will investigate the discovery of new classified papers in Biden’s garage in Delaware

A special prosecutor will now investigate the discovery of classified documents from Joe Biden when he was vice president of the United States, in his private home and an office he used until the launch of his campaign for the presidency, a position he held between 2009 and 2017. It was announced Thursday, January 12, by United States Attorney General, Merrick Garland At a news conference here in Washington. The attorney general in charge will be Robert Hoare, a North American Department of Justice veteran and expert in counterterrorism and corruption.

“I firmly believe that this department can manage all investigations impartially. But according to regulations, the exceptional circumstances that occur in this case require the appointment of a special prosecutor for this matter,” said Garland, who serves as justice minister and oversees the attorney general’s office. He added, “This appointment confirms to the public the Ministry’s commitment to independence and accountability in particularly sensitive matters, and decision-making guided by facts and the law.”

And the attorney general revealed that the first news of these results reached the White House in November, before the midterm elections in which the Democrats performed better than the polls had predicted. distance Preliminary and confidential investigationThey decided to release that information to the public on January 5th.

And so the year began with controversy over the White House. And the president’s lawyers also revealed yesterday, before Garland’s announcement, that they found more classified documents when the vice president was in the garage of Biden’s home in Delaware. This is the second place papers that he had to destroy or return to the National Archives when he left government have been found, after first being discovered in an office in Washington, the federal capital, where the sitting president had an office before appearing in the 2020 primaries.

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President’s attorney Ian SamsHe announced the new discovery through a statement, which said the president is cooperating with the federal government to find and turn over all the documents. These findings are particularly significant because last year the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US judicial police, searched Donald Trump’s Florida mansion to seize classified documents. In his day, Biden called Trump “not responsible” for the theft of classified cables and other papers.

After finding several files in the office that Biden rented in Washington when he worked at the University of Pennsylvania, Attorney Sams said, his attorneys searched for more documents in the two homes he owned: one in Wilmington, Delaware, where he’s lived for decades, and another in a beach town. Rehoboth, in the same state, is where he spends his summers and weekends. Many documents were found in the Wilmington home, none in the Rehoboth home.

According to the same source, it was related to some “secret” letterhead from his tenure as Vice President along with other “political and government” documents in the garage. Attorney Sams claims that this is false, and that they are “documents from his time as vice president that could be mailed during the 2017 transition period.” By law, any classified documents must be delivered to the National Archives, and cannot be in a private residence.

“classified” sheets

Biden responded to one question on the subject after a speech on the economy and inflation Thursday at the White House. When a reporter asked him what he thought about keeping classified documents in his garage “next to his Corvette,” which is his model car, the president replied, “My Corvette is in a locked garage. So it’s not like they’re on the street.” The chief didn’t say anything after that.

For the Republicans, these findings of papers of unknown content and importance gave them arguments to criticize the White House and its alleged double standards, after the many criticisms of Trump during his presidency and his refusal to get rid of his private files. And as Republicans retook control of the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill this week, they have already warned of further investigation. The new head of the State Control Authority is a deputy James Comer, He has asked the National Archives and the White House to disclose how the discovery was managed, since the first documents were found before the midterm elections in November.

Comer chastised the National Archives in a letter for “knowing the discovery of these documents days before the 2022 midterm elections and failing to alert the public that President Biden may have been violating the law.” Meanwhile, the National Archives instigated an unprecedented and public FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago—the home of former President Trump—to recover other presidential documents. He added that the National Archives’ inconsistent handling of recovering classified records held by former President Trump and President Biden raises questions about the political bias of this government agency.

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