A military exercise causes a huge boom in Washington, D.C. They think it is an earthquake

a Noise Which many have compared to a powerful explosion that surprised thousands of people in Washington, D.C., on Sunday. In fact, the interesting moment was observed from various points in Maryland (USA) when a few minutes passed after 3:30 pm local time.

The first alert was given by many users through their social networks, commenting that Doors and windows shook. Indeed, many have compared this phenomenon to an earthquake and speculations have not slowed down.

At first, in addition, the authorities did not provide details about the powerful explosion. As explained by the Daily Mail, the explosion caused numerous calls to the police, who called Federal Aviation Administration And other official bodies for more information.

“No threat”

Soon after, the Department of Homeland Security tried to calm the citizens down and confirmed that “there is no threat at this time.” section of the Firefighter For its part, Washington, D.C., confirmed that it had not been notified of any incident related to the noise.

Finally, half an hour later, authorities confirmed that the alarming sound was caused by a Department of Defense F-16 fighter jet that was carrying out a gunfight. Routine military exercises over the Chesapeake Bay, and reportedly broke the sound barrier during his exercises.

Far from calming down, soon after the source of the noise was revealed, other citizens showed themselves angry. “Where was the warning?” Many wondered after they spent minutes agonizing over the uncertainty of the sound.

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