A man killed three people and wounded others after he opened fire in a Kurdish cultural center in Paris

Panic in the heart of Paris. Three hours after three Kurdish militants were killed and three others seriously wounded, in the Kurdish cultural center ‘Ahmed Kaya’, in a very multicultural neighborhood, violent clashes erupted between the security forces and Kurdish groups that denounced a Turkish attack. government terrorist.

Absolutely stunning violence erupted, with fires and tear gas, when the Home Secretary, Gerald Darmanin, made the first assessment of the massacre, leaving a rainbow of combustible suspicions in suspense.

Several humanitarian organizations and a large part of the political left denounce racism, It was committed by an extreme right-wing extremist.

Among the Kurdish community, on the contrary, the suspicion of a terrorist attack by a criminal “controlled from a distance” by the Turkish government was favored.

Hours earlier, a team of Security and Intervention (CSI) companies arrested a 69-year-old man very quickly, around 12:30 p.m., who had already been involved in two attempted murders of racists, in 2016 and 2021.

The Kurdish Cultural Center “Ahmed Kaya” is an association of a humanitarian nature that aims to “promote the gradual integration” of Kurds residing in France in a mostly legal way. The cultural center has been involved in criminal violence cases for more than ten years.

“racist motives”

The prosecutor of the Paris court, Laure Pékouaou, stated very quickly that the possible “racial motives” of the suspect and the detainee were being investigated from the outset. They are not excluded, far from itOther criminal motives. In 2016, the suspect was arrested for the first attempted murder of immigrants. Five years later, he was arrested again, armed with a saber with which he attacked camp tents for immigrants awaiting “resettlement”.

The Kurdish Center is located on Dingin Street in the eleventh district of the capital. It’s perpendicular to Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, the old royal avenue that France’s kings descended from Saint-Denis to Notre Dame. This street ends with a majestic triumphal arch dedicated to the glory of Louis XIV, “King of the Sun”, in a corner where Asian prostitution has spread, always dressed in black, at the beginning of a street that has become a very multicultural center.

And the Kurdish Cultural Center is adjacent to the building where Nicolas Sarkozy held his headquarters for the victorious campaign for the 2012 presidential elections. In those years, the Kurdish diaspora was the victim of several criminal attacks. A few months after Sarkozy was elected president, three members of the PKK were murdered in the same place where three other men were the victims of another tragic murder.

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