A man has been arrested for attacking several people with an ax at various restaurants in New Zealand

The police considered this to be an isolated incident and there is no evidence to suggest it was a racially motivated attack.


Police said a Chinese man was charged with battery on Tuesday after attacking patrons of three New Zealand restaurants with an axe-like weapon, injuring four people.

Police added that authorities went to the site around 9:00 pm (0900 GMT) on Monday after “multiple calls” about the assault on customers of the restaurant.

And local media indicated that the man entered the restaurants, close to each other, and hit some customers with something resembling an axe.

Videos on social media showed a bloodstained restaurant floor as police arrested a man.

The 24-year-old was detained at the scene and appeared in a local court on Tuesday, where he was charged with causing grievous bodily injury. Police indicated that additional charges could be brought against him.

Inspector Stefan Sagar said the police considered this an isolated incident and there was no evidence to suggest it was a racially motivated attack.

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