A man connects his mobile phone to a drone and manages to save his life

Technology is one of the great tools of man in many areas of life. One of the most important aspects it can be used for is to save lives. They are widely used in medicine, and sometimes they can be very useful in the least expected way. Such was the condition of the driver who was stranded in the snow Wooded area of ​​Oregon And I found one An ingenious way to save yourself Thanks to technology.

Faced with the impossibility of getting a phone signal, he decides to sharpen his wits and look for ways to save it. climate Willamette National Forest (Oregon, USA) It was a problem for the driver because he was not able to move on the road. he The car was stuck in the snow The phone had no coverage to make calls, the individual’s family was out of the country, no one knew where he had gone, and the man made several “survival” decisions.

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Once protected and secure inside your car, He began to think of alternatives to asking for help, given the impossibility of communicating with anyone on a mobile phone. He decides to use the drone he was carrying with him to send him to get help. books Text message To a trusted person describing their position, their exact location, and the connection of the mobile device to the device. then Send it and launch the drone into the air.

After flying a little further, the drone let out a mobile phone Contact a tower It could send the message in question, and soon after, emergency services went to the area to rescue him.

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