A heart problem forces Manolo Garcia to cancel his upcoming concerts

Catalan singer Manolo Garcia has canceled his upcoming concerts in Seville and Valladolid, after being diagnosed with a slight infection (acute viral myocarditis), which could have been the cause of respiratory problems, which already led to the suspension of his presence in Seville last week.

In a statement, the Concert Tour and Galea Producciones reported that concerts scheduled for Saturday at the Mairena del Aljarafe (Seville) Equestrian Center, and next Friday, October 28 at the Poliderpotivo Pisuerga in Valladolid, have been suspended.

“by PrescriptionAccording to the statement, the artist needs additional days of rest due to a slight infection (acute viral myocarditis), which regretted the suspension of appointments despite the sale of all tickets.

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