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Pork is essential in many Spanish homes. It is a rather expensive product that is difficult to choose on many occasions. The stickers are a good guide for deciding on one leg or the other and getting the result we expect. Expert Victor Sanchego posted this guide on social networks to make your work easier: These are the keys.

White Label: Iberian pork

These are the animals that have at least 50% of the genetics of the Iberian breeds. They live on farms and feed mainly on grains and legumes. Its price ranges from 100 and 180 euros, by weight

Green label: field-fed Iberian ham

Like the previous sample, these are samples with at least 50% of the heritability of Iberian pigs. The main difference is that these things originated in the open air, in areas of about 100 square meters, and not in stables. Of course, they do not feed on acorns, but they do feed on natural pastures I believe in this area. A leg of these pigs costs between 140 and 240 euros, By weight and crossbreeding.

Red Label: Iberian oak-fed pork

They are specimens containing 75 or 50% of the Iberian breed that were raised on pastures and fed a certain number of kilograms of walnuts. Its price ranges from 220 and 450 euros.

Black Label: 100% oak-fed Iberian ham

These are pigs whose parents are of an Iberian breed that is 100% recorded in the genealogy book. These animals originated in the pastures and feed on acorns. Its price ranges from 350 to 1800 euros.

victorsanchegojamon HAM adjectives ⬜️🟥🟩⬛️ Depending on your region. BLACK – 100% Iberian ACORN-FED HAM is black in color, a stamp that identifies 100% oak-fed Iberico pork and ensures that the mother and father of the pig are Iberian breeds recorded in the Stud Book and that the animal in the fattening stage is fed nuts and other natural resources for the Disa. RED – IBERIAN ACORN-FED HAM is red in color, like the passion you feel for its flavour. This is the Iberico Bellota Ham seal, from samples of 75% or 50% of the Iberian breed, fed in the fattening stage with walnuts and other natural resources from the dehesa. GREEN – IBERIAN FIELD CEBO HAM is green in color, like the field in which it was raised. This is the seal that identifies the Iberian Cebu Ham, from 100% specimens, 75% or 50% of the Iberian breed, feeding on natural pastures and feeding in the field. White – Iberian CEBO HAM is white in color, like the veining that runs through Iberian ham. This is the seal that identifies the Iberian Cebu Ham, from samples of 100%, 75% or 50% of the Iberian breed, fed on the basis of forage, grains and legumes on farms. #jamon #jamoniberico #learnontiktok #victorsanchegojamon ♬ Original sound – 𝐕Í𝐂𝐓𝐎𝐑 𝐒𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐆𝐎

The simple trick to keeping pork chops all at once

Like grapes on New Year’s Eve, ham is a must for Christmas dates. Rare is the family that does not have a good leg of pork on such important dates. Although it depends on the volume, the usual thing is that this product takes days, even weeks to be fully consumed. Knowing how to preserve them is essential so as not to spoil one of the great delicacies of Spanish gastronomy.

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As experts emphasize, the key to preserving pork lies in the pork itself. It’s best to use your own white fat. To do this, with the help of a very sharp knife, the area must be “scraped” very carefully. This will leave a film of grease on the edge that we have to do Spread over the area where the last cuts were made.Later, we must cover the pork with butter paper. The paper will stick. Then put a clean, dry kitchen cloth over it to protect everything.

Pork conservation doesn’t end here. It is also necessary to choose where to save it. There are several basic aspects here that we must not overlook: they should not be near radiators or places where there are temperature changes, and it is not recommended to leave them in areas where there is an air passage (windows, doors) or in places where there is an air passage ( windows and doors). Give it direct sunlight.

This advice has been popularized by pork expert Victor Sanchez. This was revealed through his social networks, which he has tens of thousands of followers.

Victor Sanchez also warned that other traditional methods of preserving pork are not suitable. Among them, cover them with aluminum foil, cover with a transparent film or spread with oil.

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