A group of killers breaks into a spa in Guanajuato and kills seven people

On Saturday afternoon, about 20 heavily armed killers equipped with assault rifles stormed the La Palma health resort in southern Guanajuato.

As a result of the shooting, seven people lost their lives. Specifically, three women, three men and a child under the age of seven were killed in the attack. Meanwhile, one person was seriously injured and several received medical attention from doctors at the scene.

According to information gathered by the local authorities, the militants stormed at around 4:30 pm.

Several videos of the massacre circulated across the networks, and a witness in one of them claimed that the attackers carried several long weapons.

The local authorities of the Cortazar Security Department, which did not provide details of the attack and did not identify the perpetrators of the shooting at this time, confirmed that the attackers destroyed the hotel store but not before breaking into the monitors and security cameras.

“The municipal government regrets the events that occurred and will provide appropriate accompaniment to the relatives of those affected, and also reaffirms its readiness to cooperate with the relevant authorities while waiting for those responsible to be brought to justice,” said the Cortazar municipal authority.

war scene

An impressive military operation was deployed in the area after the ambush, turning the resort into a more typical image of a war mission. A few minutes ago, the pleasure area was full of tourists who, as can be seen in the videos shared on social networks, ended up leaving the place, both adults and children, avoiding the corpses that were around the quiet pool so far. Tourist complex.

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“This is typical, several years ago tourists were untouchable, but the violence that Mexico is experiencing overwhelms everything, causing the management to be saturated with great personal injuries,” admitted an important hotel businessman, who chose to remain anonymous. , before the questions of this paper.

In this region of central Mexico, in the state of Guanajuato, 3,513 murders were recorded last year (historic number), eight massacres so far in 2023, 511 deaths between January and February, and 13 deaths this week alone. The wave of excessive violence is caused by the different drug cartels that cross the territory or divide the different drug trafficking routes (to the capital or to the United States). Fierce battles to control these routes through which drugs flow, resulting in an open war between the inhabitants of Mexico as spectators or victims, as happened in the last shooting (shooting) with, let us remember, minor fatalities among the deceased.

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