A father loses his legs to prevent a snowplow from running over his daughters

When his children are in danger, a father is capable of anything. This was explained by Dave Milne, an Australian man who was on vacation in the interior of California, in cold regions of the state America that is usually associated with the sun and the beach.

He, his wife Claire, and their two daughters, Isla and Anna, were at a hotel near Mammoth Mountain, a popular ski area.

Milne, seeing how a snowplow approached his little girls as they walked through the snow, did not hesitate to pounce on them and cover them as the heavy car passed by.

He was able to protect them with his body, which is why he got the worst of it. Miln spent over an hour enduring The weight of the snowplow rests on your legs while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Once help arrived, they were able to get both the man and the girls out of there, who sustained superficial injuries. He was seriously injured in both legs.

When they got to the hospital, they gave a good description of the true extent of the bruises of Milne, whose leg had been amputated, the left foot above the knee and the right one at the calf.

Milne and his family were taken to his hometown of Sydney, where he remains in hospital. In addition to the injuries to his legs, he had to undergo dozens of additional operations to treat spinal injuries caused by falling under a snowplow.

A family friend started a crowdfunding campaign to help the family pay for the huge medical expenses after the horrific accident. So far they have managed to collect more than 140 thousand dollars Thanks to the solidarity of the people who in Milan recognize him as the true father of courage.

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