A conflict of interests that may end with Brighton or Saint-Gilloise outside Europe

The European Football Association (UEFA) asked the Belgian club Union Saint Giloise to obtain information about its owners.because the main investor of the Brussels team is the British businessman Tony Bloom, also owner and chairman of English Brighton, Both clubs can qualify for the European Championships next season.

Depending on how they end their own campaigns, Saint-Gilloise and Brighton Confederation may contravene Article 5 of the UEFA Regulations, So be it Two clubs belonging to the same owner cannot be shared In club competition (Champions League, European League or Conference).

Communications Manager of the FC Brussels, Martin Verdodt, Tell EFE that UEFA “Request property information from club representatives”But they are counting on European football’s governing body not to get involved because of potential conflicts of interest.

“In the current situation, we have no worries about it (…). Mr. Bloom is a passive investor He has in no way been involved in the club’s operations” since then Union Saint-Gilloise and Brighton do not have any ‘special relationship’. Goal.

Mr. Bloom is a passive investor. Union Saint-Gilloise and Brighton do not have any special relationship

Martin Verdut

Mr Bloom’s joint investment At USG with our boss (English Alex Muzio) Much different from the many other models of club ownership,” Added from the Brussels Club.

Deputy Secretary General, second in the regular season, It is now contesting Genk, Antwerp and Bruges over the “play-off” to determine the league champion As well as access to the European Championships next season (Champions League and Conference League), although Antwerp Already guaranteed access to the group stage of The European League is declared a cup champion.

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Brighton is currently ranked seventh in the Premier League, Up to seven teams can participate in UEFA competitions based on their final position in the league or cup results.

condition The Union of Saint-Gilloise and Brighton reminds us of those witnessed in the 2018 season by the Austrian Red Bull Salzburg and the German Leipzig., both of which are controlled by the Red Bull Group. In the end, however, UEFA did not exclude either team from their competition.

“After a thorough investigation, and after numerous structural and governance changes made by the clubs”, in relation to business, finance, personnel, sponsorship agreements, etc.), UEFA’s club financial control body considered that no natural or legal person had a “decisive influence” on both clubs. Leipzig and Salzburg even faced each other head-to-head in the Europa League in the 2018-19 season.

FA Saint-Gilloise expects “to play in Europe for the second season in a row and that is important and exciting for the club,” This season they managed to reach the quarter-finals of the Europa League, where they were eliminated by Bayern Leverkusen (2-5).

Confederation Saint-Gilloise expects to “play in Europe for the second season in a row and that is very important and exciting for the club.

Martin Verdut

“At the moment we still don’t know in which European competition we’ll be in and we’re looking forward to doing our best.”added the spokesman for the USG who last won the Belgian league in 1935.

and “from afar” the Brussels Club She wishes Brighton “the best in their quest to qualify for Europe”.

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UEFA rules on club timeshares, In a context where the number of sheikhs and business leaders who control different teams is increasing, It may also affect the race to acquire Manchester Unitedwhich Qatar, owner of Paris Saint-Germain Club (PSG), has shown interest in, along with Qatar Sport Investment (QSI), and INEOS Group, owner of OGC Nice.

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