A company measures the sleep of its workers to increase productivity

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Spain implemented the ‘Dreamland’ project during 2022, which sought to improve the rest of its staff and reward them with extra vacation days.

According to the results of this project, which were presented on Monday in Madrid, the workers who voluntarily participated in this project, 80% of their workforce in Spain, increased their daily rest by an average of 7.4% in just 6 months.

The Spanish subsidiary of this Japanese drug has decided to launch “Dreamland” in order to improve the rest of the people who work in the company, thus improving their physical and mental health. In this way, Otsuka became the first company in Spain to reward its team for sleeping more and better.

The project was developed for eight months, from May to December 2022, in the form of a competition.

The project was developed for eight months, from May to December 2022, in the form of a competition. It involved 60 people from Otsuka’s crew in Spain. For this purpose, the company gave each participant a “Fitbit Charge 5” bracelet, with the aim of measuring their sleep, both in time and in quality parameters.

In the first phase of “Land of Dreams,” the data revealed that those who participated in the study slept an average of 6.4 hours. Then, for six months, the company encouraged them to improve their sleep through various training routines, communication and recommendations for getting a good night’s rest.

In this period, which ended in December, the participants improved their scores by an average of 6.9 hours per day (an average improvement of 7.4% is an increase). All people who have improved their rest by 15% will be rewarded with a minimum of one extra day off in 2023.

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Dreamland is a clear example of our corporate philosophy, where we are committed to taking the path least traveled to obtain extraordinary results. As we have been pioneers in the field of well-being for our team, with the recognized flexibility, compatibility and healthy lifestyle programs, we are now adding, as a new and revolutionary piece, the improvement in comfort”, commented the General Manager of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Spain, José Manuel Reguero.

For his part, Director of Human Resources and Communication of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company in Spain and Italy, Oscar Alcubero, confirmed that what the company proposed is to “do the opposite” of what companies usually demand today, which is to ask employees to be more and more. productive.

With regard to the future of the project, that is, if it is to be extended or even if it is to be done routinely, the company’s managers have shown themselves open to studying formulas to continue improving the mental factors of their workers.

“Improving the working relationship or teamwork does not depend only on sleep, perhaps we can bet on meditation, teaching teams to meditate or work differently. We have to see what we can put in place to improve not only the working climate but also the climate of employees, ”Otsuka CEO noted. Pharmaceutical Spain.

Consequences of lack of sleep

In presenting the project, the director of the Clinic of the Instituto del Sueño, Diego García Borreguero, warned that “the average adult population sleeps 20% less than it should,” a problem that, moreover, is getting worse in Spain than in other Europeans. countries.

“People with insomnia have a three-fold increased risk of clinical depression and at least a 1.5-fold increased risk of developing anxiety disorders compared to the population without insomnia,” the doctor warned.

Thus, he added, this poor rest also affects public health, as some of the medical effects resulting from chronic lack of sleep are obesity, type 2 diabetes, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and immune changes with increased susceptibility, in particular, to respiratory infections. And, according to some studies, even tumors. Similarly, “an increase in mortality of up to 12% has been observed in people who sleep less than five hours a day.”

Partial sleep deprivation, especially if it becomes chronic, affects many higher intellectual functions such as executive memory, decision-making ability, reasoning and problem-solving ability, divergent thinking, abstraction ability, behavioral inhibition, and the ability to review and adapt planning. said the neurologist.

For this reason, he insisted, sleep is an essential part of doing work, “not only being able to work individually, but also being able to work as a team.” In this way, the expert is of the opinion that if working people sleep more, the productivity of the group will improve. In this regard, he added, “It is a factor that can clearly improve the emotional well-being of the employees, and thus will help in obtaining a better work environment.”

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