A child dies six hours after waiting to be taken from a hospital in Portugal

Since there were no ambulances available, the medical teams decided to transfer the child to another health center, but his health condition worsened.


a 11 month old baby He died Friday afternoon from a heart attack in a hospital in Portimao, in the Portuguese region of the Algarve, After waiting six hours Provided that they are transferred to another health center, according to Al-Bareed newspaper.

As there are no ambulances availableThe medical teams chose to take the child to the hospital in Faro by helicopter. Then his clinical condition worsened and the boy ended up staying until late in the afternoon.

The National Institute of Medical Emergencies (INEM) stated that it received a request from Portimao Hospital at 2:18 p.m. to transfer an 11-month-old boy to the pediatric intensive care unit.

When they reached Portimao, the medical teams began the procedures for the helicopterHowever, when they were preparing to travel to Faro Hospital, the child experienced a deterioration in his clinical condition which prevented transport and forced the team to return to the health center where they were.

The president of the pre-hospital emergency technicians union, Rui Lázaro, denounced this on CNN Portugal Other solutions could have been developedLike sending a medical team to Portimao Hospital by helicopter.

Last year there were other controversial cases in Portugal due to Lack of emergency resources and shortage of doctors.

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